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From University to the Oil and Gas Industry, PTC Mathcad A Reliable Tool

Oil and Gas Engineering Calculations

In the last post, Devall shared how PTC Mathcad has saved him and his company time because of ease of use of the software, have better documentation and sharing capabilities, and save money for both the company and their clients. In this post we’ll give some background on how Devall first started using PTC Mathcad during his dissertation while completing …

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ABET Accreditation: Capturing Evidence of Skill Development

Engineering programs at US colleges and universities keep the ABET accreditation criteria in mind when developing new course content, but the critical piece is the current curriculum.  A challenging aspect of the ABET accreditation process is capturing evidence that students are not just passing tests, but developing engineering skill through their course work.  What constitutes evidence of assimilation and application …

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