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Saving Lives: Ambulances Get Connected to the IoT


In a medical emergency, the value of time becomes tangible. Minutes can make the difference between life and death; disability and recovery. By lessening the time it takes to diagnose and treat a patient, smart, internet-connected devices will lead to fundamental improvements in emergency medical care. “Internet connectivity will, among other capabilities, allow previously disparate medical devices to interact with …

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Does The Internet Of Things Need Its Own Network?


As billions of Bluetooth-enabled mattresses, toothbrushes, dog collars, soccer balls—you name it—join the Internet of Things (IoT), the networks that bind them to smartphones, tablets and other devices inevitably will become crowded, leaving current Internet capacity inadequate to handle the influx. French Internet service provider Sigfox says the solution is to build a separate network specifically for “things.” “The issue is that more connected …

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A Service Transformation Enabled by the Internet of Things

SCP Service image

If you’ve been tracking The Service Council’s (TSC) recent research, you’ve seen a lot on the topic of transformation, around how businesses are indeed much more focused on service but also around how service organizations in themselves are transforming to be much more customer-centric and revenue-driven. If you’ve followed other technology news lately, you have probably heard the words ‘Internet …

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Internet of Things Faces Security Hurdles

IoT security

Back in April, tech news was rife with stories about the Heartbleed bug, a web certificate vulnerability that made it possible for bad guys to mimic legitimate web sites. Fortunately, widespread publicity and fast reaction led to few, if any, major problems. The Heartbleed situation highlighted once again the vulnerability of our Internet-dependent economy. Manufacturers can learn from these high …

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Smart Bottle Hydrates Brazilian Team at World Cup


For soccer players, staying well-hydrated throughout a game is a necessity. Becoming dehydrated translates into decreased speed, poor passing and shooting, and a decrease in ability to focus. Sweat loss can also contribute to muscle cramping, which can be devastating during a game. With the hopes of a nation resting on its shoulders, the Brazilian National Team isn’t leaving anything …

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Becoming Superhuman: Intel Inspires Next-Generation Wearables

Neil Harbisson eyeborg

Theo Forbath is the global vice president of the Innovation Strategy Group at frog design and one of the forces behind Intel’s 2014 Make It Wearable challenge. This yearlong product innovation campaign aims to generate never-thought-of-before ideas for wearable technology, with incentives of more than $1.3 million in cash awards for devices that will help computing become more personal and connected. …

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IoT to Revolutionize Aircraft Industry

IoT to Revolutionize Aircraft Industry

What a difference a century makes. When Thomas Edison was tinkering with electric light bulbs, he could have had no idea how fast things would progress technologically. But from those relatively humble yet revolutionary beginnings, the company he founded, General Electric, is now harnessing the Internet of Things (IoT) to revolutionize the aerospace industry. By syncing the company’s systems with …

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IoT Impacts Trane’s Product Development Strategy

Trane HVAC

The Internet of Things (IoT) changes the scope of most products, expanding product development into the realm of big data and software applications. When equipment can send and receive data, the way the equipment is managed, and even the business itself, can fundamentally change. Trane, a division of Ingersoll Rand, is a case in point. Trane makes HVAC products for a wide variety of …

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IoT Brings Massive Wave of Innovation

PTC Live Global

BOSTON – Closed-loop product development is finally here and with it comes a new wave of innovation. But many people have yet to catch on to the next evolution of technology that is the Internet of Things (IoT)—the network of connected products with vast potential in manufacturing—PTC president and CEO Jim Heppelmann told more than 2,000 attendees at the kickoff …

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All Traffic’s Journey to a Connected Device Ecosystem

All Traffic Solutions

Once a manufacturer begins creating connected products, the information tendrils grow like ivy. Businesses that adopt technology powering the Internet of Things (IoT) can create connections to devices, use that data to create new products, and often create ecosystems that cross company boundaries. The story of All Traffic Solutions shows how the IoT can transform the way a company serves …

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