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Smart Robot is Safeguard for Live-Alone Seniors

GiraffPlus system

For the many senior adults who live by themselves—12 million in the United States alone—a new robot companion is on the way. The smart, connected GiraffPlus system consists of a robot plugged into the Internet, and a series of integrated sensors. It can notify caregivers of potentially urgent situations like falls, inform physicians of behavioral and physiological changes that could …

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The Next-Generation Tech Helping Police Fight Crime


While RoboCop-type solutions to law enforcement are not yet on the horizon, the Internet of Things (IoT) has a promising future in the ongoing fight against crime. Police departments across the globe are adopting new technology, including the NYPD’s testing of Google Glass and the LAPD’s trial of on-body cameras. Law enforcement agencies are seeking ways to use technology not …

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Smarter Service with Smart, Connected Products

SCP blog image 8 21 14

“The era of the Internet of Things” is an intriguing phrase. If you’re reading this blog, you probably know a thing or two on the topic because news is abuzz with how the IoT and smart, connected products are creating game changing opportunities for manufacturers. This is news to follow, especially if you are in the business of service – …

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Internet of Things Security Strategy Takes Shape

IoT and cybersecurity

McAfee’s involvement in the formation of the Open Interconnect Consortium—a group that aims to unravel the specification, certification, and branding around everything IoT—suggests that major industry players like Intel, Dell, and Samsung are ready to take a serious look at the need for better security. Given the rapid market expansion of our smart world, a lack of universally agreed upon …

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Move Over Smart Cars, Smart Roads Are Here

Smart roads

Earlier this year, Google announced the commission of 100 experimental self-driven cars. Unlike their previous retro-fitted Prius models, this custom-built fleet eschews driver controls entirely. Google’s latest move continues its strategy to drive innovation and dominate the conversation around smart cars, but while driverless vehicles will change the paradigm of America’s car culture, it’s not the only change coming to …

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Smart Trash Cans Improve Waste Management

Smart trash cans

Imagine if your trash bin not only collected garbage, but helped better manage the waste you produce. This is what the city of Barcelona, Spain, has done by placing monitoring sensors on recycling bins that send out an alert when full to help its residents reduce household waste and increase recycling. Similar programs are in place in other cities around the world. The Internet of …

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Technology Helps 5 U.S. Cities Become “Smart”


It’s no secret that the number of people living in cities across the globe is increasing at a rapid pace. Today, about 54 percent of the world’s population live in urban areas and consume about two-thirds of the world’s energy. And according to the United Nations, this number will increase to about 6.3 billion (66 percent of the world’s population) …

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In-Car Sensors Put Insurers In The Driver’s Seat


Jeff Branson, the police chief of Mattoon, Illinois has been tracking a lead-footed driver for nearly two years. A couple of times, he’s caught the guy doing 70 in a 55. He’s confiscated the vehicle twice but never issued a ticket. The speed demon just happens to be his 18-year-old son, Chase. Branson monitors his son’s driving habits with a …

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Saving Lives: Ambulances Get Connected to the IoT


In a medical emergency, the value of time becomes tangible. Minutes can make the difference between life and death; disability and recovery. By lessening the time it takes to diagnose and treat a patient, smart, internet-connected devices will lead to fundamental improvements in emergency medical care. “Internet connectivity will, among other capabilities, allow previously disparate medical devices to interact with …

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Does The Internet Of Things Need Its Own Network?


As billions of Bluetooth-enabled mattresses, toothbrushes, dog collars, soccer balls—you name it—join the Internet of Things (IoT), the networks that bind them to smartphones, tablets and other devices inevitably will become crowded, leaving current Internet capacity inadequate to handle the influx. French Internet service provider Sigfox says the solution is to build a separate network specifically for “things.” “The issue is that more connected …

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