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Engineer, Draftsman, Designer Gains Productivity with Free PTC Mathcad Express

F. N, Smith Corporation

At F.N. Smith Corporation, Rick Crawford describes his job as “an engineer, draftsman, designer, whatever I need to get the job done.” The job description sounds like a big responsibility especially considering the company’s emphasis on quality control, meeting industry standards, and the continued education and training to ensure both. After seeing an advertisement in Machine Design Magazine for PTC …

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Mathcad User Reviews Mathcad Prime 1.0

Jack Crenshaw just published a review of Mathcad Prime 1.0, The Changing Face of Mathcad, in EE Times. “There’s some exciting news about a product I’ve lived with—and sometimes praised, sometimes cursed—for decades: PTC’s premier math analysis tool, Mathcad.” For Mathcad Prime 1.0, PTC totally rebuilt the equation editor and user interface, to make it easier and more intuitive to write math expressions …

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A Passion for Math

Today I would like to introduce you to Murray Bourne, an Australian who lives in Singapore. I recently became aware of his squareCircleZ blog, browsed through it a bit, then couldn’t stop! Actually, his blog is only one piece of a larger web presence – Interactive Mathematics (IntMath.com) – a great resource for everyone interested in learning math. There’s even …

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