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Service Leadership – The Integral Link Between Parts and the Customer Experience

The service operation is complicated and must have a number of different (and sometimes disparate functions) work together to deliver a successful end result. Often times, the more visible and customer-facing functions get the glory (and blame) when it comes to service delivery (i.e., field service, contact center). These customer-facing service functions also get a lot of publicity in magazines …

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Integrate Technical Information with MRO to Enhance Technician Productivity and Increase Maintenance Velocity


Why are some of A&D’s most innovative companies focused so intently on improving the quality of technical information to support their MRO people and processes? What is leading global manufacturers of passenger, cargo, and military aircraft to invest so heavily in standardizing and automating the creation, management, and delivery of technical information across the wide range of their aircraft service …

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EMC Transforms to Improve Service Productivity and Increase Customer Satisfaction

Colleagues In Discussion

Today’s customers are more connected and empowered than ever – which makes satisfying and retaining them an increasingly tough challenge. Unhappy customers can significantly alter the course of a manufacturing company’s performance in the marketplace. This makes it imperative for service leaders to transform service to increase customer value and accommodate the service offerings that customers now expect and demand. …

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Competition Fuels the Service Transformation in Europe

European Service post image

The Service Council’s (TSC) service market outlook research for 2014 highlighted that increasing competition was tabbed as the top challenge for organizations looking to emerge from years of financial and global economic uncertainty. This competition was initially felt in the sale of product and equipment but is now increasingly being felt in the service and support space as more organizations …

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Transforming Service in the Age of the Customer


There has been a lot of buzz in the marketplace that 2014 is the “Age of the Customer.” And with manufacturers increasing innovation and focus on the Internet of Things and smart connected products, the ability to enhance your customer’s experience through connected devices and service will grow exponentially in the next five years. As service leaders continue to transform …

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Leading by Example in Service


It seems like an obvious business win to improve how you manage and deliver service. Not so obvious is how to go about it. Where to start? What technology to use? What processes to change? Every company has its own problems and strengths, but most global service organizations have similar challenges. The biggest one is fragmentation. This is caused by …

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Have the Right Service Part for the Job Every Time

Servicing HVAC Unit

How do you like your local weather person? Do you trust the information you get before you head to the office in the morning? If you’re like me, you might check three or four sources of information before you leave for the day. This is partially because I live in Boston and the weather can turn on a dime. This …

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Servitization – a New Word for a HUGE Transformative Force in Manufacturing

Made to Serve Cover2

Servitization.  Servitisation.  Servicization.  Regardless of your preferred spelling, the expression perfectly encapsulates a concept of immediate urgency and opportunity for global manufacturers: transforming their business model from being a product-dominant to a customer-centric organization in order to maintain or recover competitive advantage. Servitization is, in fact, becoming a major strategic driver of manufacturing innovation today. It’s one of seven transformative …

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Meeting Service Expectations Globally


When one puts the words ‘global’ and ‘service’ together, the first thought is one of outsourced contact centers. Over the previous 15-20 years a number of organizations have taken advantage of global resources to reduce the cost of service delivery primarily across parts sourcing, inventory management and the contact center. This mode of globalization is still valid and continues to …

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4 Ways to Transition Your Service in 2014

Service transition 2014

As January fades, some of us are starting to realize that our new year’s resolutions require more than just the constant reminder to stick to it. Real change entails a more complex transition of thoughts, processes, and overall approach to our daily routines. For service leaders, achieving 2014 goals requires a similar approach. In 2013, Aberdeen’s research showed that the …

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