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For Unisys, Transformation Begins with Service Knowledge and Process Management

When Unisys set out to transform its service processes, the expected cost savings from the increased efficiency for field dispatches were alone enough to help justify the move. Additional opportunities were also available to eliminate unnecessary field dispatches. “We analyzed our recent history of field service calls,” said Larry Dunn, Vice President and General Manager of Global Portfolio Solutions for …

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As SLM Drives the Service Revolution, Think Full System for Product and Service Advantage

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At PTC Live Service Exchange in Boston this past June, service leaders from major manufacturers told of their companies’ increasing investments in service transformation. Presenters from manufacturers as diverse as Dell, EMC, and Unisys in IT, and JLG (access devices), Joy Global (mining equipment), Sikorsky (military aircraft), and Trane (HVAC equipment) – in older-line industries – attested to their companies’ …

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Who Owns Servitization?

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I’ve been described as a Servitization evangelist for beating the drum for its beneficial influence on the global manufacturing industry. So it’s no surprise following the Spring Servitization Conference at Aston Business School in the UK that I am trying to better understand who actually “owns” the end-to-end transformation processes – strategy, enablement and measurement – of Servitization inside the …

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Connecting the Dots of Your Service Strategy


Integrated, connected, automated, proactive, transformed–No doubt you have seen these concepts highlighted as keys to service success. Whether your goal is to uncover additional customer value, service revenue, or service profitability, you are probably in the process of incorporating one or more of these concepts into your organization’s service transformation strategy. But how exactly do you create a strategy that …

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Field Service Execution – The Bigger Picture


We’ve all heard the stories about the worst service calls. A common complaint is usually around a failed ability to actually fix the problem after numerous tries and the customer feeling inconvenienced. In fact, there are stereotypes of the technician who shows up late only to say he isn’t prepared with the right part, and will have to reschedule. This …

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Smarter Service with Smart, Connected Products

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“The era of the Internet of Things” is an intriguing phrase. If you’re reading this blog, you probably know a thing or two on the topic because news is abuzz with how the IoT and smart, connected products are creating game changing opportunities for manufacturers. This is news to follow, especially if you are in the business of service – …

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The Customer is Mightier than the Wrench


Is customer service about getting a customer off the phone quickly or cementing an on-going partnership? This may seem like a fairly simple question with an equally clearly apparent answer. But many organizations still treat customers like easily replaceable commodities which are a nuisance to their ability to run an operation cost effectively. This mindset is changing. Service organizations no …

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Are You Overlooking Your Opportunity for Service Innovation?


In a recent survey, more than 300 industry executives identified innovation as the primary benefit of the shift in service from cost reduction to revenue growth. So how can you continuously generate innovative ideas in service? Innovation is present all around us and remarkable opportunities are right in front of you. Let’s consider a few best practices that will help …

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A Service Transformation Enabled by the Internet of Things

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If you’ve been tracking The Service Council’s (TSC) recent research, you’ve seen a lot on the topic of transformation, around how businesses are indeed much more focused on service but also around how service organizations in themselves are transforming to be much more customer-centric and revenue-driven. If you’ve followed other technology news lately, you have probably heard the words ‘Internet …

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Transforming Your Business? Four Questions to Ask your Service Team

Brian at Service Exchange 2014

If you missed last week’s PTC Live Service Exchange, you missed out on a great opportunity to learn from a wide variety of service leaders from different industries and revenue strata. The discussions were quite informative and resonated with me as many of the best practices shared are also seen in our research at Aberdeen. Whether you were able to …

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