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Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle All the WAV Files

Grumpy Cat Christmas

**Guest post by Luke Westbrook** One of my favorite parts of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol is when Ebenezer Scrooge, terrified and repentant, pleads with the third Spirit for a second chance, saying, “I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.” I don’t mean to wax philosophical, but I resonate with the idea …

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Fantasy Football Playoffs: Are you In or Out?


The fantasy football playoffs are here! Week 13 or 14 of the NFL season is generally the last week of the fantasy football regular season (depending on league settings). This means fantasy playoffs have, or are about to, start in your league. Hopefully for you, you’re still in the hunt for the championship. Unlike most professional sports, each NFL team …

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Of Solve Blocks and a Sound Mind

Solve block

**Guest post by Luke Westbrook** No one wants to spend weeks, months, or, heaven forbid, years working on a product, only to discover during prototype testing a fatal flaw in the design. At that point, the amount of money, labor, resources, and mental exertion spent on the project is extensive, and going back to the drawing board, even if only …

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For the Love of Reading


**Guest post by Anji Seberino** Why does it seem like kids don’t want to read anymore? Why is it that we have to practically force kids to read? There are many factors, but I hold the gaming industry largely accountable. Kids nowadays would much rather play games on any electronic device they can get their hands on rather than pick …

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PTC Mathcad is better than Excel for your Engineering Calculations

ptc-webinar on demand

A KPMG study found that, in a sample of 22 spreadsheets, 91 percent contained errors. Is this a fluke? Nope. A similar study by S.G. Powell discovered that, in a sample of 25 operational spreadsheets, 10 had an error — with the consequent financial impact ranging from $216,806 to $110,543,305. That’s not the kind of money any company can risk …

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PhotoMath, Solves Equations for You


Math teachers are not going to be happy with a new app called PhotoMath. The app solves equations using the camera function on a smartphone. Essentially, you just point the camera at an equation and the app computes, and spits out an answer. This may seem like a terrible idea because students won’t learn how to do basic math, but the app does …

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WAR for Commissioner’s Trophy


Tuesday night the 2014 World Series kicks off at Kauffman Stadium, home of the Kansas City Royals. The Royals? Yes the Royals, for the first time since 1985, the Kansas City Royals are in the World Series. After victory in the Wild Card game over the A’s, a sweep of the heavily favored Angels in the ALDS, and a sweep …

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To query, or not to query, that is the question


Whether ‘tis nobler to read data from flat files and Excel or to take arms against a sea of IT objections and demand access to the latest, centralized data. Prince Hamlet actually had it easier. It is critical that our calculations are computing using the most current and accurate data. Yet every day I hear from engineers why they can’t …

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Why Engineering Majors Are Using PTC Mathcad

engineering students

It’s officially Fall, which means students are back in school. And many are asking themselves, “How will this class/assignment/project help me in my search for a career?” Some courses make it harder to find the answer to that question. Why would an Engineering major need to take Psychology 101 anyway? Sometimes the path from classroom to career is clearer. Students …

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Excel as a function

Excel as a function

We have discussed in a previous blog how to create Custom Functions in PTC Mathcad Prime in the form of DLLs: The Down Low on Mathcad DLLs. And even more recently my colleague, Thomas Devaraj, wrote an excellent piece on 6 interesting use cases for the Excel component in PTC Mathcad Prime: best-of-both-worlds-with-the-embedded-excel-component-and-its-top-6-use-cases/. In use case #6 Thomas introduces how …

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