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Smart Technology in Safety-Critical Products Puts Manufacturers to the Test

Automobile safety recalls made big news this year. Did you know that in the first six months of 2014 alone, U.S. automakers broke the record for vehicle recalls in a single year? The total is 39.85 million vehicles, which trumps the previous 2004 record of 33.01 million. Embedded software was the culprit in many cases. Despite these dismal statistics, demand …

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PTC Introduces PTC Systems Engineering Solution


I’ve been talking to customers for a number of years about what they need to better solve their systems engineering problems.  The key themes always include managing requirements, architecture, and testing/validation in an increasingly complex product landscape. Today, that product landscape typically involves complex products.  As they look to the future, manufacturers are expanding their scope to design and build …

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Agile in the Enterprise – How to Act Locally and Develop Globally

Image_Blog Defining Service Transformation

As the Enterprise Agile coach for PTC, I’ve spent the last 10 years training and mentoring Agile teams in large enterprise environments. Along the way, I’ve learned some hard-won lessons about the intersection – what some call the paradox – of Agile and enterprise environments. The Agile movement has revolutionized software development, in large part by its focus on getting …

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Smart Products Bring New Challenge and Value to Manufacturers

IoT growth

Welcome to part three of this blog series on software–enabled innovation. In my previous blogs I touched on how technology in the manufacturing space has progressed and how the growth of software has led to the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT). Now let’s take a look at how manufacturers can embrace these technological advances to unlock new business …

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The Explosion of Software & Networks

Smart Products Manufacturing

In my previous post, Manufacturers Reshape for Smart-Product Future, I discussed how and why consumers are demanding smarter, connected products. It’s this demand that’s created an explosion of software and networks. New technologies, applications, and devices are spanning across all types of industries from aerospace and defense, agriculture, and automotive to high-tech, medical devices, and many more. Did you know that there are …

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Smart Products and Software-Enabled Innovation

Software enabled innovation

Software is changing the way we connect, interact and conduct business; and it’s changing on a global scale. Embedded software has existed for some time, but with the emergence of smart, connected products, manufacturers are having to reshape their business models to take advantage of new opportunities. Products today are no longer just physical or mechanical; they often have sensors and …

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Managing Software-Intensive Products

Smart Products and Software

My mother used to write letters to her family in Italy to stay in touch, and when I was younger I used a LAN line to call my friends and talk the night away. Today my kids use iPhones to play games, check the traffic and weather, and text their friends every five minutes. Times have changed and so has technology, …

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How Company Culture Can Make or Break Performance

Company culture and performance

Steve Denning starts his Seattle ALM Forum presentation with the following disclaimer: “I want to make clear that I am not a developer or technology professional. I’ve spent my entire career in management – the people you love to hate.” So, what is this guy, a former U.S. World Bank chairman, doing at the Seattle ALM Forum addressing a group of software development professionals? …

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Rapid Feedback, Why Your Software Team Needs It

Mean time to feedback

Fresh from the ALM Forum in Seattle, Washington, I’m going to share with you the only metrics that matter. It feels a bit like cheating—like ordering apple pie for dinner, or eating shelled pistachios—but I’m going to do it anyway. The ALM Forum is a three-day gathering of software professionals dedicated to the dark arts of software lifecycle management. These are the project …

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The Changing Role of Engineering Analysis in Software-Intensive Product Development

Continuing with the blog theme Software Happens – A Challenge for the 21st Century, I’d like to zero in on some interesting development at PTC in the area of engineering analysis with Mathcad and integration with our application lifecycle management platform, Integrity. My colleague, Juan Betts, recently published a great blog entry, Systems Engineering with Mathcad and Integrity Integration, which addresses …

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