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Managing Software-Intensive Products

Smart Products and Software

My mother used to write letters to her family in Italy to stay in touch, and when I was younger I used a LAN line to call my friends and talk the night away. Today my kids use iPhones to play games, check the traffic and weather, and text their friends every five minutes. Times have changed and so has technology, …

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How Company Culture Can Make or Break Performance

Company culture and performance

Steve Denning starts his Seattle ALM Forum presentation with the following disclaimer: “I want to make clear that I am not a developer or technology professional. I’ve spent my entire career in management – the people you love to hate.” So, what is this guy, a former U.S. World Bank chairman, doing at the Seattle ALM Forum addressing a group of software development professionals? …

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Rapid Feedback, Why Your Software Team Needs It

Mean time to feedback

Fresh from the ALM Forum in Seattle, Washington, I’m going to share with you the only metrics that matter. It feels a bit like cheating—like ordering apple pie for dinner, or eating shelled pistachios—but I’m going to do it anyway. The ALM Forum is a three-day gathering of software professionals dedicated to the dark arts of software lifecycle management. These are the project …

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The Changing Role of Engineering Analysis in Software-Intensive Product Development

Continuing with the blog theme Software Happens – A Challenge for the 21st Century, I’d like to zero in on some interesting development at PTC in the area of engineering analysis with Mathcad and integration with our application lifecycle management platform, Integrity. Continue reading

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Software Happens – A Challenge for the 21st Century

“My toaster says it’s “downloading a firmware update. Please wait…” What is a firmware update and why does a toaster need one? And, why is my toaster talking to me in the first place? All I want is a lousy piece of toast!!!” We were startled years ago to find that every day appliances like washing machines, refrigerators, and even toasters contained microprocessors… What do you think? Will software safety and reliability be the driving factors in product engineering in the 21st century? Continue reading

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Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is not a Tool – it’s a way of Life

In my opinion, ALM is not a fancy shiny tool as some people may suggest – it’s a way of life in the software development world. The challenges facing software development today include: managing software development assets and the relationships between them; full lifecycle process automation and enforcement; reusability of development assets; having a… Continue reading

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Is Silicon Valley the New Capital of Automotive?

CES, the largest consumer technology show on the planet, is the place to introduce new technology and show off new gadgets. Among the many firsts at this year’s show, one caught my eye, the record number of automotive manufacturers vying for the lead in technology. Carmakers are not new to technology… Continue reading

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Flattened Requirements Management

In 2003, Thomas Friedman wrote in The World is Flat how ten factors, which he called ‘Flatteners,’ have converged to create a more level playing field in terms of doing business, making it much easier for organizations in developing countries to compete with… Continue reading

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Starting with Variant Management and Agile

For my first installment in the SPL and Agile blog series, I decided to start with an organization that has been doing SPL for some time and just started down the Agile road. The organization will have to remain nameless, but I can say that it is a technology company with… Continue reading

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Scrum, Agile, Complexity and Ants

I started re-reading Agile Project Management with Scrum by Ken Schwaber a few days ago, after not having looked at it in far too long. I was struck by the similarities between Schwaber’s view on the complexities of software development and the concepts of Complex Systems Theory I recently read while helping someone do research for a paper. I have …

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