How to Measure the Value of PLM Solutions

Mearuring PLM Value

My first post on ensuring value for PLM solutions focused on what to measure, and presented the first three steps to ensure business value: Defining a Total Value Model Developing a Program Value Scorecard with measurable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Creating program scorecards for each individual project or program phase In this post, I’ll explain the final two steps of …

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Adding Review Cycles to Accelerate Product Development

Global Product Development_Supply Chain

It seems counterintuitive, but putting more review cycles in the development process can actually help get products to market faster. A large consumer products manufacturer shows why this can work. Like many manufacturers trying to get more efficient in product development, the company had invested in multiple design centers around the world along with a large network of suppliers to …

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Designing for Reliability: Why a Closed-Loop Process Works Best

Product Reliability_Closed Loop Process

Product reliability goes a long way toward ensuring customer loyalty. When products fail we feel annoyed and inconvenienced – or worse. If failure results in injury or even loss of life, the response is outrage and the impact to the manufacturer can be incredibly damaging. Consider the lawsuit Toyota found itself dealing with after acceleration problems caused crashes, injuries and …

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PLM and Process Improvement: Building Bridges to Ensure Enterprise Value

PLM Process Improvement

When working to improve product lifecycle management, companies often struggle to gain full value from their initiatives because they fail to focus on cross-enterprise change. For example, companies seeking to accelerate product development often focus on improving tools and processes for collaboration. But they put most of their energy into changes within individual departments instead of also looking across them. …

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Achieving Faster Product Development with Integrated PLM

Integrated PLM

Getting new products to market faster is typically a top priority for manufacturing firms, and the companies that respond more quickly to the latest market trends and demands usually come out on top. But accelerating time to market is not so easy when companies are developing increasingly complex products, such as those featuring embedded software. This is especially true when …

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PLM Learning and Adoption: A Strategic Approach to End-User Acceptance

PLM Learning and Adoption

Most companies invest in PLM to improve important business metrics, such as time to market with new products, product quality, and product development cost. But they often struggle to achieve their goals because they end up focusing more on implementing new software features and functions and less on process change and efficient ways of working. If end users resist the …

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How to Boost Your Productivity with Process-Based Training

PLM Process-Based Training

When you’re dealing with an entirely new way of working, how do you efficiently and effectively organize a training program so it doesn’t cause enormous downtime? That’s the challenge facing many organizations as they implement a modern PLM system. After all, training can be time-consuming and distract from day-to-day tasks. And that’s a tremendous concern for engineering leaders and PLM …

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How a Strategic, Big-Picture Approach to PLM Pays Off


Even with the best of intentions, it’s easy for organizations to lose sight of the big picture when embarking on a PLM program. Program and IT managers get bogged down in the weeds of tactical project management; business sponsors move on to other priorities once the basic direction is set. But it is the companies that sustain a strategic approach …

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Governance vs. Leadership: You Need Both to Succeed

Business Leadership

My colleague was nervous. He was kicking off a major initiative with an important new customer and program governance was a mess. The customer, a well-known retailer, had selected us to implement a new supply chain management solution to accelerate production and sales of private label goods. It’s a familiar challenge for us; we’ve worked for years in retail and …

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Customer-Centric Manufacturing Right Approach for P&G

Manufacturers are working overtime to get closer to their customers. Amid the pressures of global competition, economic uncertainty, and rising customer demands, manufacturing leaders know well that deeper customer insight and stronger connections are essential to success. Not surprisingly, they are investing in customer councils, reference programs, social media, and other methods to gain more and better customer understanding and …

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