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Manufacturers Reshape for Smart-Product Future

Software enabled innovation

Software is changing the way we connect, interact and conduct business; and it’s changing on a global scale. Embedded software has existed for some time, but with the emergence of smart, connected products, manufacturers are having to reshape their business models to take advantage of new opportunities. Products today are no longer just physical or mechanical; they often have sensors and …

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5 Key Challenges Manufacturers Face with the IoT

SCP manufacturing

The transformation of manufacturing around smart, connected products and the IoT is not a question of if, but when, and manufacturers have hard-earned advice for newcomers considering a move towards building, operating, and supporting these new technologies. Cisco sizes the IoT (Internet of Things) as a $19 trillion market opportunity, delivering new value to customers through an extended product life and …

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Using Lean Strategy Beyond Manufacturing

Lean strategy beyond manufacturing

Your son cuts his lip from an inadvertent elbow while playing basketball in the local neighborhood courts. One look is enough for you to see that the bad gash just above the upper lip will need stitches. You take him to the ER to get the work done. The time is 4 P.M. on a Friday. You go expecting to wait up …

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How IoT Ready is Your Company?


The “Internet of Things” (IoT) is a hot topic, discussed and debated greatly over the past two years. Companies like General Electric, IBM, and even Google with its acquisition of Nest Labs have already rolled out strategies to capture large segments of the market. Companies looking to get into the IoT business have to make sure their future strategy for dealing with …

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Should Your Company Enter the IoT Business?


The number of smart “things”—from thermostats to refrigerators to smart clothes—is growing thanks to demand in the consumer market. Gartner predicts that by 2020, about 26 billion smart, connected products will be in service. That’s an average of 3.3 devices for every person on the planet, not including the projected 7.3 billion smartphones and tablets that will be available. But don’t …

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Integrating Systems Engineering Into PLM Practices

Systems engineering and PLM

I recently sat on a CIMdata panel in Frankfurt, Germany. The discussion was geared toward industrial end users and focused on the integration of systems engineering into PLM practices.  One of the biggest questions posed to the panel: What are the benefits of integrating software development and systems engineering with mechanical design and PLM? When a company’s main goal is to improve the way …

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Best Ways to Manage Software-Intensive Products

Smart Products and Software

My mother used to write letters to her family in Italy to stay in touch, and when I was younger I used a LAN line to call my friends and talk the night away. Today my kids use iPhones to play games, check the traffic and weather, and text their friends every five minutes. Times have changed and so has technology, …

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How Company Culture Can Make or Break Performance

Company culture and performance

Steve Denning starts his Seattle ALM Forum presentation with the following disclaimer: “I want to make clear that I am not a developer or technology professional. I’ve spent my entire career in management – the people you love to hate.” So, what is this guy, a former U.S. World Bank chairman, doing at the Seattle ALM Forum addressing a group of …

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Rapid Feedback, Why Your Software Team Needs It

Mean time to feedback

Fresh from the ALM Forum in Seattle, Washington, I’m going to share with you the only metrics that matter. It feels a bit like cheating—like ordering apple pie for dinner, or eating shelled pistachios—but I’m going to do it anyway. The ALM Forum is a three-day gathering of software professionals dedicated to the dark arts of software lifecycle management. These are the …

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What Are Your Products “Saying” About Your Customers?

Voice of the Product

In modern business, “customer is king” is a well-accepted principle. As a result, capturing the “voice of the customer” (VoC) to inform product and service offerings has become a mandate for most companies. Forrester Research confirms that within the past few years more than half (55 percent) of firms have established a VoC program, while another 25 percent are planning to …

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