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Nancy is a freelance writer and marketing consultant. She works with some of the largest technology companies in the world and is a frequent blogger. You'll see some under her name...and then there are others that you won't see. These are ones where Nancy interviews marketing executives and leaders and turns their insights into thought leadership pieces..

16-Foot Drone Joins Search for Missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370


The Bluefin-21, a small autonomous underwater vehicle, is now the best hope for finding Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. Manufactured by Bluefin Robotics in Quincy, MA, this 16-foot long, 21-inch diameter torpedo-shaped drone went to work on Monday April 14 in the Indian Ocean assisting a massive ongoing air and sea search. The AUV is owned by Phoenix International Holdings, an …

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Surgical Robotics Industry Expected to Quadruple

Robotic surgery

Contemporary robotic systems have come a long way since machines first started to appear in 400 B.C. Today, some of the most compelling advances in robotics can be seen in the surgical field. Surgical robots have become standard for minimally invasive surgery (MIS) in almost all surgical areas. Today the surgical robot market is dominated by the da Vinci Surgical System from …

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Fast Company Names Top 10 Robotics Innovators

Fast Company top 10 robotics innovators

Robotics is the fastest growing industry in the world, poised to become the largest in the next decade. This according a recent report by Littler Mendelson, a large global labor and employment law firm. Robotic systems, artificial intelligence, and automation are developing at an exponential rate, infiltrating almost every industry and driving cost and resource efficiencies far beyond what can …

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Tough-to-Design Soft Robots Challenge Engineers to Think Differently

Tufts soft robotics

Someday soon, your life may be saved by a weird-looking octopus, squid, or caterpillar – a squishy, form-changing, animal-like device that’s actually a soft robot. Scientists are exploring the fluidity and deformable nature of animals like those mentioned above, as well as insects, starfish, and lizards. Their goal is to combine the maneuverability of these creatures with the autonomous nature …

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Prosthetics Innovation: Giving Back the Future to Boston Marathon Amputees

Marathon Victims Take First Steps Down Uncertain Path

People throughout the world were touched by the tragedy of the Boston Marathon bombings. I live 45 minutes north of Boston – close enough to be highly effected by the bombings, the search for the attackers, and a lingering sense of sadness for the victims. Many of those who survived the blast were left with horrific injuries to their lower …

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Going the Distance: Is the Super Battery a Reality for Next-Generation Autos?

“Battery power has greater potential to positively alter the future of American competitiveness – and American freedom – than any other technology in the 21st century.” That’s what David Benjamin of Design News recently wrote in his article: “Superbattery: The Next Great Triumph of Engineering.” The promises of the super battery (also known as the lithium-ion battery) for use in …

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