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Windchill SocialLink 2.0 Moves Beyond Social Software

This past fall PTC released the latest iteration of Windchill SocialLink, a product focused on bringing Web 2.0 concepts to PLM to benefit product teams. Windchill SocialLink 2.0 exemplifies “social product development” and continues to separate itself from generic social software by focusing on product development processes and engineering use cases. Windchill SocialLink is highly integrated with the Windchill PLM …

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Collaboration Made Easy with Windchill’s Social Toolbar

People continue to thirst for better ways to connect and collaborate. With Windchill SocialLink new, modern, Web 2.0 approaches for enhanced communication are now available for product development. Windchill SocialLink provides engineers the ability to come together not only in “Communities of Practice” (think:  plastics, hydraulics, six sigma), but also in “Product Communities” linked to Windchill containers of product information (think: …

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Enhanced PTC Creo and PTC Mathcad Integration


** Guest Post by Andrew McGough** PTC Creo and PTC Mathcad are highly complementary products when used in the engineering design lifecycle of a product. PTC Creo is used to capture the product design, PTC Mathcad is used to capture the engineering knowledge that details why the product needs to be designed the way it is. It’s a product that …

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PTC Mathcad Sessions at PTC Live


PTC Live is our premier event focused around all products and innovation related to PTC. This year it will be held near PTC’s Corporate Office in Boston, MA. We expect over 2,000 attendees. For those attending be sure to check out some of the sessions for PTC Mathcad. CUST130 Efficient Product Development: From Concept to Commercialization – From concept design using PTC …

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Manufacturers Face Tougher Product Regulations

Safer consumer product regulation

As part of its push for safer consumer products, California has announced tougher regulation around the chemicals that often make their way into children’s sleeping mats, home insulation, and paint thinners. Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) systems, children’s foam padded sleeping products, paint and varnish strippers, and surface cleaners are all coming under close scrutiny from California’s Department of Toxic Substances …

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Desktop Engineering: PTC Introduces PTC Mathcad Prime 3.0- Solution supports advanced engineering design calculations.

desktop engineering

A few days ago the Desktop Engineering Editors wrote a brief piece on the release of PTC Mathcad Prime 3.0 called “PTC Introduces PTC Mathcad Prime 3.0- Solution supports advanced engineering design calculations.” They write, “Users can now create a contour plot of a set of unordered 3D points leveraging a PTC Creo surface interpolation algorithm, and the new version …

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Coming Right Up- The Release of PTC Mathcad Prime 3.0

PTC Mathcad Prime 3.0 release

The release of PTC Mathcad Prime 3.0 is fast approaching. We believe PTC Mathcad Prime 3.0 has significantly improved calculation capability which will allow bigger problems to be solved more quickly. Additionally, with hundreds of built-in mathematical functions, the unlimited ability to define your own functions, the ability to solve equations both numerically and symbolically, and the ability to solve …

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Quality Lifecycle Management: 4 Steps to Success

You’ve secured buy-in that a Quality Lifecycle Management (QLM) process will help you strike the optimal balance between product reliability and design for lower costs over the product lifecycle. But to ensure successful QLM, you need to do more than simply deploy new software. You need to plan a strategy, define roles, provide the right tools, and train your personnel. …

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Can Mushrooms Replace Plastic?

Polypore Mushroom

Plastic is everywhere – our homes, our pantries, our cars, our workplaces, even our face wash. Unfortunately, it also makes up 80 percent of ocean debris and 25 percent of the trash in our landfills. The average American throws away approximately 185 pounds of plastic per year, and because plastic isn’t biodegradable it sits around for hundreds or even thousands …

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Quality Lifecycle Management: Striking a Balance between Product Reliability and Over-Design

Quality Lifecycle Management

When it comes to product design, companies must balance four competing goals: cost, time to market, feature set, and reliability. The key is to get the right mix and create the greatest customer satisfaction with the product. Too often, however, companies downplay the importance of reliability when weighed against the other three goals. They prioritize cost, time to market, or …

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