Announcing PTC Mathcad Gateway

I am excited to announce our latest product offering PTC Mathcad Gateway. PTC Mathcad Gateway is a calculation server that provides universal and secure access to your company’s certified engineering calculations at any time, on any device. Users can quickly access calculations via the web (no special software required) and get results for their specific scenarios without ever having direct access to your intellectual property (IP).


Many engineering companies, like yours, could benefit from standardizing on certified engineering calculations and distributing them to stakeholders, internal employees, suppliers, subcontractors, customers, and even the general public. At the same time, providing universal access is risky. It exposes sensitive and valuable IP, and it often proves difficult and costly. Now there’s a solution.

In 90 seconds learn the key benefits of this product:



  • IP Protect: Leverage the power of your engineering calculations without unauthorized access or distribution of your valuable IP. Your calculations are your competitive differentiators, why leave them outside of your control?
  • Universal Access: Your team is not sitting at a desk 40 hours a week. Allow anybody, anywhere, on any device to run a certified calculation scenario.
  • Certified Calculation Hub: You’ve spent years refining, testing and approving the calculations in your engineering design process. Now you can standardize on your calculation best practices.
  • Timely and Trusted Results: Gone are the days of team members searching for the correct, certified calculations. Provide just a single point of entry to all of your calculation best practices.
  • Easy Deployment: Use the hardware you already have. PTC Mathcad Gateway deploys right inside your existing infrastructure and can grow with you.


Learn More about PTC Mathcad Gateway. >>

Attend an upcoming live webinar. >>

Contact a PTC Mathcad Gateway expert. >>

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