Training the Engineers of Tomorrow

**Guest post by Cosmin Negru**


Not so long ago , at least I like to think about it that way, I was a student myself and I used to take notes on sheets of paper and work on projects with my “best friend” the scientific calculator. I bet every generation had its own favorite calculation tool that once mastered made life easier.

Any of you remember this?











I still have one at home. Engineering runs in the family for me.

What I’m trying to say here is that teaching and learning methods changed a lot over the years. If I were to show that old ruler to a student today and tell him that I can do Trigonometry with it he would say: “Old man, we have computers today.”


And he would be absolutely right.

If you search the internet today you can find tools that can perform more complex calculations than the ones I’ve mentioned above. The tool that I find to be suited for both students and teachers is PTC Mathcad.


PTC Mathcad is a tool that enhances the student’s and teacher’s abilities.

  • It’s easy to learn – you have access to training material and video tutorials
  • Reduces errors and miscalculations
  • Broadens student thinking by enabling reasoning from data and mathematical modelling
  • Supports teaching excellence by providing an excellent curriculum development environment
  • Supports Real-World skills.



Many companies use PTC Mathcad in their design process and design departments. The software is used for Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Systems Engineering, Aerospace Engineering and many other fields so the engineers of tomorrow need to be prepared for this.


In order to support this, PTC created the Engineer of the Future Program and became a strategic partner of FIRST where it donates software and services to all FIRST teams, provides easy-to-use training curriculum, hosts online workshops, and provides team funding grants for FIRST teams at all levels.

We do not want to be the tool that everyone uses because everyone else uses it; we want our software used because it promotes learning and creates better professionals.


Check out our resources for students.


See how one professor uses PTC Mathcad for teaching and helps students learn the math of nuclear medicine faster.


New to PTC Mathcad? Try it for free with PTC Mathcad Express.

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