The Ability to Integrate and Innovate

PTC Mathcad Prime 3.1 now provides tremendous integration power with PTC Creo 3.0 and Solidworks. According to Senior Director of Mathcad, Brent Edmonds, “This release introduces a new, enhanced integration with PTC Creo*. Users can embed and edit a PTC Mathcad worksheet directly in the CAD model, at the part or assembly level. This allows PTC Mathcad to automatically calculate and drive parameters to update the CAD model. At the same time, parameters from PTC Creo can be used to drive engineering calculations. This new ability to quickly and easily document engineering knowledge and design intent with PTC Mathcad inside the PTC Creo model provides engineers with a powerful digital engineering notebook.”

This is a powerful step forward for PTC Mathcad with regards to integration into the newest model of PTC Creo. These enhanced abilities will help immensely when it comes toCreo mathcad integration product design, calculations, documentation, and late stage design changes. Check out what’s new in PTC Mathcad Prime 3.1 and learn more with this quick tutorial.


Try PTC Mathcad for free.

On the other hand, PTC Mathcad Prime also integrates with Solidworks. This enables Solidworks users to quickly and easily add analysis, verification and reporting to their engineering designs. The integration provides bidirectional communication between the two products, allowing PTC Mathcad Prime’s math engine to perform what-ifs, optimizations and Monte-Carlos on design parameters, testing for valid results and documenting the decisions made during the design process. Learn more about the Solidworks integration from this on-demand webinar.

Download the Solidworks Integration. Using both SolidWorks and PTC Mathcad Prime’s API, this AddIn lets users quickly drive PTC Mathcad Prime input variables from SolidWorks’ CAD model parameters. Users can also map PTC Mathcad Prime output results back to the SolidWorks CAD model. This creates the bi-directional nature of the integration.

Note: PTC Mathcad/SolidWorks Integration is not officially supported by PTC.

Learn more about the Engineering Notebook Powered by PTC Mathcad.

*Also requires PTC Creo 3.0 M030

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