How IoT Transforms Discrete and Process Manufacturing

In 2012, The Economist ran a special report on the third industrial revolution. The first began in Britain in the late 18th century with the mechanization of the textile industry. The second came in the early 20th century with Henry Ford’s assembly line for mass production. Now a third revolution is under way as manufacturing becomes digital, stated the report.

Today, we are all feeling the impact of the third revolution—consumers and businesses alike.

Products have evolved from disconnected, purely physical components to complex systems combining processors, sensors, software, and digital user interfaces that are now connected to the Internet and each other.

The Internet of Things is an industry- and world-changing wave of transformation for manufacturers. Product capabilities have multiplied, changing how value is created for individuals, and across the entire global economy.

“The IoT has created two categories of opportunities for manufacturers: connected products and connected operations,” says IDC Manufacturing Insights Research Manager, Heather Ashton, in a recent video:

“Over the next five years, IDC expects more than 30 billion “things” to be connected, and manufacturers will be largely responsible for producing them,” says Ashton. “The potential is enormous, and the time is now for determining what role your company will play in this developing landscape.”

For more insights from Heather Ashton, watch the full video series by IDC: Reshaping the Manufacturing and Operations Landscape.

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One thought on “How IoT Transforms Discrete and Process Manufacturing”

  1. Cheryl Beebe says:

    Even with the prevalence of the Internet of Things, there are so many companies that still haven’t embraced it and don’t have a strategy. It’s a shame, because there are so many benefits and the companies that lag behind eventually won’t be able to catch up.

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