Volunteers Wanted: Announcing the New Integrity Technical Committee

On behalf of PTC/USER and PTC, I’m pleased to announce the formation of a new Integrity Technical Committee.  This Technical Committee will cover the following PTC Integrity family of software and systems engineering products:

PTC/USER Technical Committees are composed of volunteers from the PTC/USER membership, who work closely with PTC’s Product Managers (PLMs) to direct future software development.  Participating in the Technical Committees is the best way to influence the development of PTC software. Technical Committee participation provides you with:

  • Direct interaction with PTC Product Managers, and other key PTC personnel
  • The ability to influence PTC’s software plans and specifications
  • The ability to evaluate software before the F000 release
  • Regular information exchange with other Technical Committee members

I am actively recruiting members who want to influence the future of the Integrity family of products and meet the following expectations:

  • Each member must have experience with at least one of the Integrity products so that they can provide meaningful insight to PTC’s product development efforts.
  • Each member company must be using at least one of the Integrity products in a production environment active maintenance contract.
  • Members and their company must commit to active participation in the Integrity Technical Committee, including attendance of the face-to-face meeting(s), participation in webcasts, give presentations to other Integrity TC members and PTC, participation in specification reviews, and development of whitepapers

If you are considering joining, I ask that you do so by Wednesday, April 8, 2015 in order influence the date, time and location of our inaugural meeting in June.

To join the Integrity TC:

  1. Join PTC/USER
  2. Request to Join” the Integrity TC


Thank You,

Paul Hartwig
Integrity Technical Committee Chairman

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