PTC Mathcad Prime 3.1 API + SDK

PTC Mathcad Prime 3.1 was released just a few weeks ago on March 2nd. Included with the product is the Application Programming Interface (API). PTC Mathcad Prime’s API is COM based meaning that developers can use a myriad of Windows platform languages to build applications, C++, C#, VB, VB Script , JavaScript to name the most common.

The API mostly adheres to the PTC Mathcad Prime User Interface as a topology. PTC Mathcad Prime Applications typically start with the launching of PTC Mathcad Prime, then load a worksheet, set input variables (scalar, vector or matrix), and get result values (scalar, vector or matrix), save worksheets and close the application. All applications written in prior PTC Mathcad versions (PTC Mathcad 2001-PTC Mathcad 15) should be quickly adapted to the new API, it is very similar.

Most Windows developers use Microsoft Visual Studio. There is a free version called Microsoft Visual Studio Express which you can use to develop PTC Mathcad Prime Custom Functions and API based applications. The API is represented in a single DLL. Under c:\program files\ptc\mathcad prime 3.1 you’ll find Ptc.MathcadPrime.Automation.dll . Open this file in Visual Studio Express to the object hierarchy with all the methods properties and events.


PTC Mathcad Prime’s API is supported by a Software Development kit. The development kit is a collection of 10 applications which demonstrate the API abilities and provide the source code for the applications. They are written in C++.NET, C#.NET VB.NET, vbscript and javascript. These applications have custom GUIs to drive variables, write equations, leverage Google Graphs and integrate with Solidworks. And all the source code comes bundled plus a User’s Guide for the API.

The SDK is sold and licensed per company. Purchase of the SDK and its associated Global Support gets the SDK *and* access to Technical Support for help writing applications interacting with the API.

For more information on the API and SDK, click here to watch a video explaining what they are and how they’re used.


To learn more about PTC Mathcad Prime 3.1 watch the video.

Try it out for free in PTC Mathcad Express.

Interested specifically in learning more about the SDK? Contact a PTC Expert.


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