Why Engineering Majors Are Using PTC Mathcad

It’s officially Fall, which means students are back in school. And many are asking themselves, “How will this class/assignment/project help me in my search for a career?”

Some courses make it harder to find the answer to that question. Why would an Engineering major need to take Psychology 101 anyway? Sometimes the path from classroom to career is clearer. Students taking “Engineering Problem Solving” or “Introduction to Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering” know where they’re heading. The most important thing is to make sure you’re developing the skills you will use in the professional world.

With over 250,000 engineers using PTC Mathcad, you can bet that employers are looking for recent graduates with experience using the engineering calculations software.

Here are a few more reasons why students are turning to PTC Mathcad for their Engineering Calculations:

#1: Easy to Learn: Perform the basics using standard notation in an intuitive interface with very little training.

#2: Powerful tools: PTC Mathcad combines numerical and symbolic tools and deep text formatting capabilities in a single document interface.

#3: Broaden Your Thinking: PTC Mathcad offers documentation and communication capabilities that foster creativity, flexibility, multiple representations and precision by putting the tools in one interface.

PTC Mathcad Student


Students are able to purchase the PTC Mathcad Prime 3.0 Student Edition at a discounted price or try it out free for 30 days here.

Photo courtesy of the University of Missouri in St. Louis.



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PTC Mathcad Express

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PTC Mathcad Features

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Training, live demos, free worksheets


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One thought on “Why Engineering Majors Are Using PTC Mathcad”

  1. Rick says:

    I highly recommend mastering Mathcad v15 first as Prime is no where near ready for engineering school.

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