Smart Chopsticks Alert Diners to Bad Food

The Internet of Things is coming to your dinner table. Baidu, China’s largest search engine, is serving up an interesting menu of smart products. This September at the Baidu World Conference the company introduced one of its new gadgets, smart chopsticks named Kuaisou.

The chopsticks have sensors to detect food’s contamination level. The need for a product like this is significant in China as it is not uncommon for restaurants to cut corners and use unsafe cooking oils. When the chopsticks come in contact with food, the sensors can identify if the food is safe to eat.

The chopsticks have blue and red lights on one end. Blue indicates the food is safe and red indicates the food has a high level of contamination.

Data collected from the chopsticks are linked to a desktop or smartphone app for users to see more details about the food their chopsticks are coming in contact with.

Eventually, Baidu hopes that the chopsticks will be able to collect other data such as PH levels, temperature and calories.

Check out the chopsticks for yourself.

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