Field Service Execution – The Bigger Picture

We’ve all heard the stories about the worst service calls. A common complaint is usually around a failed ability to actually fix the problem after numerous tries and the customer feeling inconvenienced.

In fact, there are stereotypes of the technician who shows up late only to say he isn’t prepared with the right part, and will have to reschedule. This is likely after you’ve taken time off of work and waited hours for him to arrive. Now you have to go through it all again. And your confidence in the service technician is low and you’re wondering why you didn’t buy the other brand of product you were evaluating when you settled on this one that is not doing its job.

But it gives you something to talk about at a cocktail party or on social media, and chances are you will mention the name of the company and its product responsible for your annoyance. Definitely not a competitive win for the company that is accountable for your compromised customer experience.

For service leaders, the focus is to ensure that customers receive a positive experience even when they have been inconvenienced by product downtime. No wonder the level of customer satisfaction is a key metric for competitive companies. The aim is to raise it higher and higher. Yet, how to do this without eroding profit margins?

In other words, it’s complicated.

A company has to take a bigger picture view of how to enable technicians with what they need at the point of service: understanding of the product configuration and how it’s supposed to perform, the right parts on hand, the necessary tools to get the job done the first time – and on the flip side, how to avoid dispatch altogether and increase profitability through automation, remote diagnostics and other capabilities enabled by technology for service optimization.

If you’re interested in learning more about these capabilities, Worldwide Business Research hosted the webinar “How to Optimize Field Service Execution for Competitive Advantage. In this webinar Ed McCarthy, Sr. Manager of Customer Advocacy at Cisco, shared his insights on field service execution strategies, including how to improve first time fix rates and profitability.

Your service peers are experiencing similar challenges. Webinars that you can attend from your desk are a great way to add an educational element to your day. It just might spark the new idea you’re looking for.

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One thought on “Field Service Execution – The Bigger Picture”

  1. Saurabh Daga says:

    Great article and very relevant.

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