Explore our September Live Demos

Back to school

September is back to school for many students, so why not do the same and join one of our upcoming live demos?

If you’ve recently purchased PTC Mathcad Prime 3.0 or downloaded our free for life version PTC Mathcad Express join one of our introductory demonstrations. This live demo will highlight:

  • Performing calculations and visualizing data
  • Generating engineering reports
  • Key PTC Mathcad features such as: user interface, standard math notation, and units conversion

The best part about these demonstrations is that they are live so you can ask our experts any and all questions you have about the software. Register for one of these intro classes today.

If you’re a more seasoned user and are looking to learn more about PTC Mathcad’s Excel component, join one of our mid-month demos focusing on the Excel component and migrating your Excel spreadsheet calculations to PTC Mathcad. Leveraging your existing Microsoft Excel data in PTC Mathcad means you can avoid programming nightmares, spend less time re-formatting old data, and have more time for analysis and design. This live demonstration will showcase some simple strategies to show you there is a better alternative when you convert your calculations to PTC Mathcad.

Excel Component

In just 20 minutes learn how to:

  • Embed Excel spreadsheets within PTC Mathcad worksheets
  • Exchange information between PTC Mathcad and Excel via the component
  • Configure the exchange of information between PTC Mathcad and Excel

Make sure to check out our demos page monthly for new webcast updates.


Looking for a quick overview of all of PTC Mathcad’s features? Watch one of our 90 second videos on the top features.

Try out the free-for-life version PTC Mathcad Express.

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