How PTC Mathcad Prime can help College Engineering Majors

PTC Mathcad Student

**Guest Post by Tim Bond **

Engineering students across the country are pushed to their limits in their courses semester, after semester, after semester, until graduation arrives. Professors demand professional looking assignments on a weekly basis. Many professors will say “if you wouldn’t give it to your boss, don’t give it to me” in regards to the format and clarity of assignments. Submitting hand written homework that looks professional can be challenging and is often times disregarded by students. Handwritten assignments can quickly turn messy when dealing with Greek, English, and numerical characters. Being a recent graduate myself, I was guilty on occasion of submitting sloppy work until I discovered PTC Mathcad Prime.

PTC Mathcad Prime allowed me to submit the professional looking homework and projects that my professors demanded. Instead of typing my calculus homework into my TI-89 I typed it into PTC Mathcad and didn’t have to copy the answer from my calculator to my paper.

PTC Mathcad Prime




PTC Mathcad has two engines, a symbolic engine and numerical engine. It can effortlessly handle algebra, calculus, differential equations, and much more. If you tell PTC Mathcad what the equation is, PTC Mathcad will be happy to solve it for you.

For example, PTC Mathcad does not know what Bernoulli’s equation is, but if you tell PTC Mathcad what it is, PTC Mathcad will practically solve it for you.

Bernoulli’s equation







The symbolic engine is perfect for solving your algebra expression and the numerical engine is perfect for managing your units. All the times you have lost points for silly mistakes on algebra or unit conversion will never happen again.

Another thing professors are always hounding students over is stating assumptions, showing steps, and labeling units. The example above does all the little things professors like to see on assignments while solving the problem. The worst part is when you forget to label a unit, or state an assumption; you get points off your grade. With PTC Mathcad’s Unit Management System, if your units are not compatible with one another you get an error telling you that one of your variables is not defined correctly.






PTC Mathcad is an excellent piece of software to use on your weekly homework and your big projects – why waste time using the Microsoft Word Equation Editor when it’s not solving the equation you type in. PTC Mathcad is the perfect tool for creating a written report with supporting engineering calculations throughout the document. It will keep you and your professors happy.

Try out PTC Mathcad Express– the free for life engineering calculations software.

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