EMC Transforms to Improve Service Productivity and Increase Customer Satisfaction

Today’s customers are more connected and empowered than ever – which makes satisfying and retaining them an increasingly tough challenge.

Unhappy customers can significantly alter the course of a manufacturing company’s performance in the marketplace. This makes it imperative for service leaders to transform service to increase customer value and accommodate the service offerings that customers now expect and demand.

A great example of a company successfully transforming service to meet their customer’s needs and improve the overall customer experience is EMC Corporation.

“Fifteen years ago, EMC was mainly known for one product: data storage,” says John Dodd, Director of Customer Service Operations at EMC. “But as our portfolio has expanded and our customers’ needs have grown increasingly complex, it has become critical for us to optimize our service delivery across many segments and solutions.”

With a “customer first” service culture, EMC has won 23 STAR Awards from the Technology Service Industry Association (TSIA) over the past dozen years. But the recognition hasn’t stopped there. EMC, along with Cisco, is the only technology company to win the TSIA’s prestigious Hall of Fame Lifetime Achievement Award four times.

Businesses large and small increasingly rely on the global IT provider to help speed their journey to cutting-edge information management solutions (cloud computing, Big Data, backup and archive, content management, and more). Yet this hasn’t made EMC the least bit complacent about their service goals.

Through smart use of Service Lifecycle Management solutions, EMC continues on the journey to transform their service processes and increase customer value. They are deploying consistent field service management and service parts management systems across all geographies.

EMC’s ongoing aim is to optimize the customer experience through exceptional service. This, they know, is crucial to sustaining their competitive edge as the world’s number-one provider of storage solutions for mission-critical applications.

“Our top priority,” Dodd says, “is to deliver service proactively to our customers as effectively and efficiently as we deliver it reactively. We’re aiming to be able to optimize our planned preventative service with the same centralized and remote resources we use to optimize response to our customers’ immediate service needs every day.”

This, according to Dodd, will require technology supporting a blended workforce with more complex workflows. And that, he says, is why SLM technology’s role at EMC will only grow more relevant.

Results to date have been transformative. EMC’s field service productivity is up by 60%. Return trips are down from 20% to 5% of service calls. Overall travel time for service has declined by nearly 50%. Improved service planning is saving the company some $7 million annually by minimizing the need for same-day parts shipments.

Most important are the benefits to EMC customers. David Matson, the company’s Principal Offer Marketing Manager, reports: “Customer satisfaction, which had already reached 90%, has now increased to over 95%. And it continues to trend higher.”

Get more details on EMC’s “never rest” approach to service innovation in this case study article: “Transforming Customer Service with Agility”


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