How DIS-TRAN Steel Added Hours to the Day

Imagine the energy it takes to move and assemble enormous steel transmission structures. Now, think about all the steel pieces that make up that structure. Someone has to ensure that the steel for a multi-million pound job can be assembled quickly. Meet Preston Dis-TRAN steel structuresGleason, Proposal Coordinator for DIS-TRAN Steel, LLC. Gleason ensures that the sizes and lengths are accurate, so the process can be executed in one attempt. DIS-TRAN takes pride in getting things right the first time, therefore accuracy, efficiency, and consistency are the main pillars of their business.

Preston explained that he manually used pen and paper, Google, and Excel to do conversions. Occasionally, he would work on projects involving metric sub-stations. Each sub-station can contain thousands of structures. The conversions for one metric sub-station can take up to 15 hours to complete. So it can take 45+ hours to complete one metric sub-station. That is a lot of time and manual conversions! Standard sub-stations don’t take as long because there is no need for conversions.  PTC Mathcad would help make this process easier, right?

Gleason was talking with a co-worker after spending two days straight doing hand conversions. She mentioned that PTC Mathcad would help him cut this time in half. He went back to his desk and downloaded PTC Mathcad Express. What took him 15 hours to complete was accomplished in 20 minutes. He was able to complete an entire job in three hours! After working with PTC Mathcad for a short period of time, Gleason was able to conclude that the program offered a 93% time savings compared with traditional methods. That is astronomical, imagine if you could accomplish a job using 93% less time!

Additionally, Preston was able to use PTC Mathcad to document his work and increase the efficiency of the bid proposal process. Meaning that his proposals are now more accurate, and he doesn’t have to over-invest in resources before the bid is actually accepted. Thus saving DIS-TRAN time, money, and resources while allowing himself to work on more bids. DIS-TRAN is known for their excellent quality of work and PTC Mathcad has helped them improve on their already stellar accuracy, efficiency, and consistency. Next time you need to make calculations, try PTC Mathcad, it could add a few hours to your day. We all could use a little more time.

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