Volvo Hits the Mark with New Van Damme Ad

You’ve seen it. Jean-Claude Van Damme is poised, arms crossed in a meditative position, while Enya plays in the background.

It’s unclear just where Van Damme is until the camera pans out and we see he’s straddled across two huge trucks, one foot on each. The trucks are reversing down a deserted highway, framed by a perfect sunset.

The video became a YouTube sensation just hours after it was posted, and in less than three weeks it had over 56 million clicks and 200,000 shares.

That’s how you make dynamic steering sexy. Congratulations to Volvo for stepping outside the box.

This truly awesome stunt was created as part of a series of spectacular videos that demonstrate and promote Volvo´s newly patented dynamic steering technology. The ads show how precisely drivers can maneuver their vehicles over various terrain and in different situations.

How it works

Volvo’s patented dynamic steering technology works by combining conventional hydraulic power steering with an electric motor fitted to the steering gear. Steering is made so easy that even a hamster was able to steer a Volvo truck up a steep slope and out of a quarry.

Unique technology and true innovation

Volvo is winning big with its product advertisements, but behind these meticulously engineered stunts is an equally innovative technology set to shape the next generation of autos.

Volvo says its new dynamic steering technology allows drivers more control over their trucks while driving at lower speeds in urban areas, as well as providing more stability on uneven surfaces and through side winds. This lighter drive, Volvo claims, will mean less drivers suffer from back, shoulder, and arm injury due to difficult steering.

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