Manufacturers Continue to On-Shore Production

The United States is looking more and more attractive to manufactures, and recent news reinforces this trend. Foxconn Technology Group, the flagship company of Taiwan’s Hon Hai, recently announced plans to invest $40 million in Pennsylvania.

Much of the new manufacturing operations are located in the south part of the U.S., where labor costs and taxes are often less.

About three-quarters of the investment will go to building a high-tech factory for components for telecom equipment and internet servers in Harrisburg.

The company plans on creating about 500 jobs on top of the 30 employees it currently has in that city. The remaining funds will go toward R&D operations at Carnegie Mellon University.

A year ago Foxconn indicated it was preparing to expand its North American operations, partly responding to customer requests that more Foxconn products be domestically produced.

Read the full article from Business Insider.

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