Top Manufacturers Share Innovation Strategies

Innovation is paramount to a company’s success. Breakthrough products can become the thing that truly sets a manufacturer apart from its competitors.

But product innovation is no easy task. There has to be the perfect balance between foresight, creativity, and engineering discipline, as well as attention to detail. All this while collaborating across many levels of an organization.

The “Back End of Innovation” event, held in Santa Clara, California later this month, will highlight the innovation strategies and execution of top companies like Medtronic, Steris, Motorola, Johnson & Johnson, and Lockheed Martin Corporation, all of whom will be sharing their success stories and lessons learned around innovation.

At the event, learn how Motorola is innovating not only with its products but also in its approach to compliance and corporate responsibility, specifically through its development of a conflict minerals reporting framework.

Listen to how Medtronic’s innovation is driven by the ability to communicate across a global company, adhere to and meet strict FDA requirements, and control the complexity and compliance of its products.

Attend the “Back End of Innovation” event November 18-20 in Santa Clara, California.

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