Manufacturers Face New Warehousing and Supply Chain Challenges

This week, Motorola Solutions released a new survey looking at how warehousing, distribution, and supply chain challenges may impact manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers over the next five years.

Multi-node supply chains, greater volatility, constrained capacity, and evolving regulations and customer and supplier demands are all contributing to a tectonic shift in the way manufacturers conduct their business.

Major changes in customer demographics and buying patterns—including the rise of online commerce and omnichannel fulfillment—is also reshaping the landscape, placing a greater emphasis on customer and supplier service and satisfaction, particularly in the retail business.

“A once relatively straightforward world of storage and fulfillment has become a world of increasing complexity, change and challenge,” the study concludes.

The Motorola study also notes that over the next half decade there will be a much greater complexity of raw materials, finished goods and spare parts, and a move toward increased automation and mechanization with a growing reliance on high-speed mobile communications technology.

Read more on the study from Mike Wills, Vice President, Motorola Solutions.

Download the complete 2013 Warehouse Vision Survey.

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2 thoughts on “Manufacturers Face New Warehousing and Supply Chain Challenges”

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