Adapting to Developments in the Oil & Gas Industry with PTC Mathcad

oil rig

Technip, a world leader in project management, sets out to optimize designs that exceed the needs of the oil and gas giants across 48 countries. The 36,500 employees of Technip work to create the best solutions that assist the ongoing global energy struggle. These advanced solutions are used to construct subsea work sites, piping networks and pipelines. In addition to developing new models, Sylvain Routeau, the Subsea Structures and Equipment Department head, and his team of thirty engineers are responsible for the upkeep and functionality of the complex equipment.

In order to accomplish this, Routeau and his team must take into consideration risk, both financially and with respect to the safety of employees. This is the reason why Technip equipped itself with PTC Mathcad over 15 years ago. The software has enabled the team to conduct technical calculations which in turn has minimized operations, saving both money and time. Since analytical calculations happen automatically, “The software has enabled us to adapt far more quickly to the many developments over the past 20 years…  We reuse many calculation notes: this is a feature that is particularly highly used,” says Sylvain Routeau.

Automated steps allow Technip to obtain accurate, high degrees of calculation transparency and efficient verification. Because the calculations are so transparent, customers and employees are able to preserve and look back at written data and notes during future projects. In the event of auditing Technip will be prepared and will also be in control of quality control. In addition, PTC Mathcad has made it possible for Technip to verify systems and calculations on average three times faster than if done with Excel.

oil and gas industry

Sylvain Routeau also mentions that the ability to use different measurements seamlessly in PTC Mathcad has made the engineering team’s job much easier. They no longer have to convert from imperial measurements to the metric system. Instead they can simply add meters and feet together in one equation and let the software do all the work- once again saving Technip time while improving accuracy.

PTC Mathcad simplifies the training of new recruits and engineers while still accommodating the needs of the team that has used the tool for 20 years. Click here for more information about the PTC Mathcad technical calculations software and read a full case study on Technip.

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