The People Behind PTC Mathcad: Tudor Marin, Engineering Mathematics Intern

Tudor Marin, PTC Mathematics Intern

We recently launched a new series of blog posts called, “The People Behind PTC Mathcad”, in which we introduce you to a member of the PTC Mathcad team. In our last post we introduced you to Jakov Kucan, Director of PTC Mathcad Product Strategy. Today we will introduce you to Tudor Marin, an Engineering Mathematics Intern from Bucharest, Romania who is currently interning with PTC. Read below about what he is working on and how he uses PTC Mathcad!

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you began working at PTC?
I am currently attending Polytechnic University Bucharest and am majoring in Telecommunications and Applied Electronics.  In 4 years I will have a bachelor’s degree but I still have 2 more years left. I saw the open position at PTC by chance, I read the job description and it seemed something I would like to try so I applied and here I am.

Did you know about PTC Mathcad before you started working at PTC?
I honestly didn’t know much about PTC before I applied for this internship, however I did know what PTC Mathcad was. I used it in engineering courses for complex calculations and to analyze data from experiments.

What have you been helping the PTC Mathcad team with?
I have been converting worksheets that were built using older versions of PTC Mathcad.  I have also helped with setting up The Communities Portal which will be the new homepage for the updated worksheets. Currently, I am working on converting older E-books to PTC Mathcad Prime 2.0 which demonstrates the wide functionality of PTC Mathcad.

Tell me about the process to convert a worksheet.
It really depends on the worksheet and if you can get the hang of it. If the worksheet only has a couple of pages with simple calculations, then it is easy and fast. On the other hand if it has 30 or 40 pages with complex solve blocks, plots, and so on, then it is a different story. In the end, I think that if you understand the mathematical principles behind each worksheet it is easy to convert but sometimes it can be time consuming.

What has been your favorite worksheet to work on and why?
I enjoy working on worksheets that challenge me. Due to the differences between various versions, some functions may not be applicable so I have to figure out ways to recreate those options. For example, some mathematical functions in older versions were prebuilt.  Now I have to build them myself.  I can’t name one particular worksheet that was my favorite but there were a few I really enjoyed.

What do you hope to do after you graduate from school?
Honestly, I do not have any plans yet. Similar to most people, I hope to find a job that suits me as well as interests and challenges me.

Do you think you will continue to use PTC Mathcad?
As a future engineer I am sure I will continue to use PTC Mathcad in order to help with my work. Ideally I hope to design and create new products using PTC Mathcad since it has the ability to test and to present my ideas to others.

Join the PTC Mathcad Community and check out all of the worksheets Tudor has been working on!

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3 thoughts on “The People Behind PTC Mathcad: Tudor Marin, Engineering Mathematics Intern”

  1. me ofter says:

    Instead of hire children to convert old spreadsheet you could hire a professional programmer to update Prime GUI.

  2. Mo Det says:

    Is there some reason I can’t open the “Calculate & Communicate with PTC Mathcad” worksheets in MP2.0 M010? The only program that seems to open them is MP3.0, which I only just installed.

    1. Anna Giangregorio says:

      Can you share a link for reference?

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