Tamaggo Rethinks the Camera

Tamaggo Inc., a Montréal-based development stage company, has rethought photography and developed a panoramic 360 degree video camera.

“We have taken the point out of point and shoot,” says Stephane Lepage, Tamaggo’s chief technology officer who spoke at PTC Live Global today.

Tamaggo’s ibi 360 has panoramic technology that lets the user shoot video for up to an hour. That video fills an 8 GB flash drive. Once the video is uploaded to a computer or TV screen a user can pan around in all directions to see what was happening when the video was made.

When the camera was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January 2012, it was hailed as one of the most revolutionary products there. However, at that time it was only a still camera.

The company decided it would be more appropriate to develop a video camera capability. So when it starts selling in the fall it will be about a year behind the original schedule.

The unconventional looking camera is roughly the shape of a large egg with the bottom cut off.

Tamaggo has produced a film showing the camera in use in a fast-moving ATV crossing a desert landscape. It would also work dramatically as a helmet cam on a skier or motorcycle rider.

LePage says that it has more commonplace uses as well. It can be set in the middle of a table at a child’s birthday party and capture the events in a way that traditional photography never could.

Image courtesy of Tamaggo

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