Britax Redesigns Car Seats for Easy Installations

American parents are pretty good about putting kids in-car seats. But they aren’t very good about putting car seats in cars. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says 73 percent of all car seats are installed wrong.

Britax USA, which makes premium car seats, decided to engineer a solution to the problem, says Curtis Strong, product development manager at Britax, who spoke at PTC Live Global today. Earlier this year, Britax unveiled the Frontier 90, which accommodates children up to 90 lbs and makes installation almost intuitive.

The problem with child car seats is that it is difficult to adjust the adult seat belt so it goes through attachment slots in the car seat and then is snugly tightened so the seat won’t slide forward in case of an accident.

Strong says that even badly installed car seats provide better protection than adult belts for children. But, he was determined to design a seat that would make it easy for parents to assure maximum benefit.

The seat that Britax, a part of a German company, designed in South Carolina, solves the problem he says. The parent squeezes a handle on the back of the seat area to open a slot on the bottom. The seat belt is smoothly slid through and inserted in the buckle on the opposite side. The slot is then closed, correctly tensioning the seatbelt.

“It’s a great breakthrough in ease of use for the product,” Strong says.

Image courtesy of Britax

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One thought on “Britax Redesigns Car Seats for Easy Installations”

  1. Dee Baig says:

    The remarkable thing I see in these redesigned car seats is that more attention is being given to the protection of children as nothing is more important than the safety of child for parents. Adult seats really don’t provide enough protection for children and car seats will be more effective if they are used properly.

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