PTC Creo: Mars Wars Revisited

FIRST Robotics Competition PTC Mathcad

On June 5th Geoff Hedges, PTC Creo’s Program Marketing Director, wrote a piece on the PTC Creo blog called “Mars Wars Revisited“. In this post Hedges revisits a story of  the students at Metamora Township High School in Illinois and their experience in FIRST Robotics Competitions.

Hedges includes a video posted by the students showcasing their robots built with the help of PTC Creo and PTC Mathcad. He writes, “It’s exciting to think about what their generation will deliver in the coming decades.”

Read the full post now for the complete story.

About Anna Giangregorio

Anna Giangregorio has been working in PTC’s marketing department since May of 2011 supporting a variety of different programs in North America. When she isn’t in the office, she likes to travel, walk her dog, and carry on with her quest to find and sample the best Buffalo Wings she can get her hands on. To see more social media posted by Anna, follow her Twitter handle @AnnaG_PTC.
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