PTC Mathcad Demonstrations

Scott Wertel

In a blog post written today by Scott Wertel, a contributor to, a Configuration Manager in the aerospace and defense industry, and a freelancer who provides design services, he explores PTC Mathcad’s 20 minute demonstration webinars.

In his article titled “PTC Mathcad Demonstrations” Wertel writes,

“I’ve been enjoying the 20 minute demonstration webinars put on by PTC for Mathcad Prime 2.0.  Besides getting me in the mood for the pending release of Mathcad Prime 3.0, I’m learning a few tips-and-tricks about Prime that I hadn’t seen in any other version of Mathcad.

Yesterday, I was the only participant for the Excel integration webinar.  As often as I’ve used this feature in Mathcad 15 and prior, the flexibility of Prime’s integration is beyond my recollection.  I will be able to save well over the 20 minutes spent watching the webinar in gained productivity and improved legibility of my Mathcad worksheets.”

Read the full post here and make sure to check out the links included where you can find upcoming PTC Mathcad Prime Demonstrations, the Demos and Tech Tips calendar for all PTC products, and on-demand tutorials by PTC.


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