On Demand Webcast: Reducing Engineering Error and Design Disruptions- Exploring Calculation Software Tools

engineering calculation software pros and cons

On April 23rd PTC Mathcad and NASA Tech Briefs co-produced a one hour webcast called “Reducing Engineering Error and Design Disruptions- Exploring Calculation Software Tools“. Chad Jackson, an Industry Analyst and President and Founder of Lifecycle Insights defined Performance Predictions and took the viewers through the different definitions and positives and negatives of each. The Performance Prediction Initiatives included:

  • Traditional Simulation and Analysis
  • Simulation Driven Design
  • Simulation Automation
  • Topology Optimization
  • Mathematical Modeling
  • Digital Engineering Calculations

Anji Seberino, Senior PTC Mathcad Applications Engineer then presented and provided an in-depth demonstration of PTC’s Digital Engineering Calculations tool, PTC Mathcad Prime 2.0. She discusses how engineering calculation software enables us to implement the practice of setting up design variables up front, defining equations, and viewing performance specifically with the example of predicting performance of a Surface Area of a Threaded Bolt for Electro-Plating.

Click here to watch the full webcast and to download the slides presented.


Learn more about PTC Mathcad the engineering calculations software.

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