PTC’s Mathcad Now Free and On-Demand

On Wednesday, Scott Wertel of wrote,

PTC hosted a free virtual conference for Europe (although the Americas, Middle East, and Asia were allowed to participate as well) on May 13, 2013.  If you don’t follow the Mathcad blog or are not a member of the PTC Community, you probably missed the event.  Or did you?

Although attending any conference, webinar, or other virtual event is better live, being able to pause and rewind the on-demand version has its benefits as well.  Not to mention, you don’t miss any sessions if you happened to follow a different track.

Registration is still required to view the recorded sessions from PTC Mathcad Engage 2013. Learn more about the events [by reading “CADplace: PTC is Hosting a Multi-lingual European Virtual Event for Mathcad on May 13, 2013” and “Bonjour! Guten Tag! Hello! We’re Having a PTC Mathcad Virtual Event for Europe!]”

And, then he talked about our snazzy new PTC Mathcad Express commercial. View the full post here.

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