How Do You Know Something is Right For You?

PTC Mathcad Prime and PTC Mathcad Express powerful tool

Want to see something cool? Want to watch something cool!?! Check out PTC Mathcad’s brand new whiteboard style commercial:

PTC Mathcad allows you to solve, capture, and share critical engineering calculations in an easy to learn and use format. With PTC Mathcad software you can showcase engineering calculations through graphs, natural math notation, and formulas without having to worry about overlooking errors in units throughout your worksheet.

Sound good? Here’s the icing on the cake- it can be FREE if you download PTC Mathcad Express. With PTC Mathcad Express you get a lifetime of engineering calculations software with functionality like comprehensive documentation, x-y plots, math equation editing, units, and more!

Try out PTC Mathcad Express for yourself today and get to know why PTC Mathcad is the industry standard for engineering calculations software.

About Anna Giangregorio

Anna Giangregorio has been working in PTC’s marketing department since May of 2011 supporting a variety of different programs in North America. When she isn’t in the office, she likes to travel, walk her dog, and carry on with her quest to find and sample the best Buffalo Wings she can get her hands on. To see more social media posted by Anna, follow her Twitter handle @AnnaG_PTC.
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