Bonjour! Guten Tag! Hello! We’re Having a PTC Mathcad Virtual Event for Europe!

PTC Mathcad Virtual event 2013 Europe

The PTC Mathcad team is very excited to share that on May 13, 2013 we will be hosting an online virtual event, PTC Mathcad Engage 2013 specifically scheduled and arranged for our PTC Mathcad users in Europe!

Sign up for this free half day event full of customer presentations, product roadmaps, all kinds of downloadable content to keep, and so much more. The environment is completely flexible and you can choose to check out just a presentation or stay in our virtual platform for the whole day to network, learn, and discover what’s new!

Register now in English, German, or French and get full access to:

  • Live chat sessions with PTC Mathcad experts in all three languages
  • PTC University information on free training
  • Exciting customer and PTC Mathcad presentations and content
Let's Connect on PTC Mathcad!

Let’s Connect on PTC Mathcad!

This event will allow you to connect with PTC staff and your peers in a dynamic but secure online environment. We’ve built in plenty of time for you to do more exploration and have a complete interactive experience. Presentations will include:

  • “Welcome to PTC Mathcad Engage 2013” by Brent Edmonds, Senior Director of PTC Mathcad Strategic Programs
  • “Best Practices: The Power of PTC Mathcad to Manage Design Calculations” by Hitesh Patel, Product Development Team Leader at Allied Systems Company
  • “Making the Move from PTC Mathcad to PTC Mathcad Prime 2.0” by Anji Seberino, Senior Applications Engineer for PTC Mathcad
  • “Best Practices: Demonstrating Regulatory Compliance with PTC Creo and PTC Mathcad” by Dr. Andreas Vlahinos, Principal at Advanced Engineering Solutions, LLC)
  • “PTC Mathcad Product Strategy and Roadmap” by Jakov Kucan, Director of Product strategy for PTC Mathcad

For more information about this free half-day event and to reserve your spot, register now in EnglishGerman, or French! Or, if you can’t attend the day of, register anyways and gain access to the on-demand version!

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