The People Behind PTC Mathcad: Jakov Kucan, Director of PTC Mathcad Product Strategy

jakov kucan ptc mathcad

This kicks off our series “The People Behind PTC Mathcad”, in which we introduce you to a member of the PTC Mathcad team. We hope you enjoy getting to know our team better. Our first interview is with Jakov Kucan, Director of PTC Mathcad Product Strategy.

What do you do at PTC? Pretend I am your neighbor and tell me in your own everyday words.
That is actually a tough question… the best way I can describe what I do is that there are two worlds I must think about at all times, the world of our software users and the world of PTC R&D. Both groups have their own point of view and each is equally important. I am the translator between the two. I meet with our customers and listen to the challenges they are facing every day. I then interpret the capabilities needed in our software that can help them solve those challenges and relay those back to our R&D team so they can build the features that will best meet our customer’s needs.

And do you still get a chance to get in there and ‘roll up your sleeves’?
Absolutely. I don’t just hand off the specs to R&D and walk away. I am right there with them through the entire process, often still writing the code that is in the software today. I love that.

How long have you been working on PTC Mathcad?
Eight years. I joined Mathsoft in 2004 and then PTC acquired Mathsoft in 2006.

What’s a common misconception about PTC Mathcad?
There are actually two big misconceptions about PTC Mathcad today. The first is that PTC Mathcad is simply a high-end math calculator, and the second is that PTC Mathcad is simply a basic documentation tool. In reality it is both, and that is what we need to help more people understand.

Tell me and our readers something that you and your team are working on right now.
Our team has really been focusing on being more open, sharing more information with our customers, and collecting more feedback from users. We recently shared our roadmap plans with users and are currently running an “Alpha Testing” program with customers. And I am really proud of our recent offering of PTC Mathcad Express. I love giving more and more users the chance to work with PTC Mathcad.

Can you share a little known fact about yourself?
My lifelong passion is flying. I have my pilot’s license and try and get out there as often as possible in my free time. I own a quarter of a plane.

Wait, are you building your own plane?!
Ha! No, I wish. Maybe one day. I share and own a plane along with three friends.

And of course I need to ask this question… what do you enjoy most about your job?
That is easy. I love seeing the amazing things our customers build with our solutions and getting to talk to those customers and feel their energy and excitement. It shows me that what I do every day actually makes a difference. Now that is cool.

Last question: tell me about the foosball table in the hallway.
That is one of three things our team brought to PTC from the Mathsoft office. I just wish it got more use. Maybe I should organize a tournament soon. The other two things are this espresso machine and the red groovy couch in the hall.





Stay tuned for more posts on the people who make up the PTC Mathcad team!

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3 thoughts on “The People Behind PTC Mathcad: Jakov Kucan, Director of PTC Mathcad Product Strategy”

  1. Thanks for the post about Jakov. I’m one of those Alpha testers that he mentions.

    Despite the time it is taking to get all of the nitty gritty features of Mathcad 15 into Mathcad Prime, Mathcad Prime is really an exciting product.

    I view the alpha tests as a way to gain experience with the new user interface as Prime evolves, as well as a way to participate in its evolution.

  2. Hello! I’ve been reading your blog for some time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Lubbock Tx! Just wanted to tell you keep up the excellent job!

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