April 2013

Science-Minded Kids to Show Projects at MIT

Photo courtesy of MSSEF

The weather is finally turning to Spring… so what’s up for the weekend? At our house, the schedule is often packed with the kids’ sports and other activities and the weekends fly by too fast. But, maybe you can find time to squeeze in something different – the state science fair. The Massachusetts State Science & Engineering Fair (MSSEF) for …

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Mastering Complex Product Development in a Global Economy

Global Product Development

Manufacturing is entering a third industrial revolution and global product development is evolving at the speed of light. Today, we can design anywhere and build anywhere. But life isn’t always rosy – working as part of a global team can bring an array of challenges. Increased product complexity. In a global economy, customer demands increase and the need for a …

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CADplace: PTC is Hosting a Multi-lingual, European Virtual Event for Mathcad on May 13, 2013

CADplace PTC Mathcad virtual event french german english

Some friends across the pond, CADplace, have caught wind that we’re having a PTC Mathcad Virtual Event on May 13, 2013… They say: “Sign up for this free half day event full of customer presentations, product roadmaps, all kinds of downloadable content to keep, and so much more. The environment is completely flexible and you can choose to check out just a presentation or stay in …

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World’s Greenest Building Opens Its Doors in Seattle

Bullitt Center, photo courtesy of the Bullitt Foundation

The Bullitt Center in Seattle, WA opened its doors to the general public this week. The six-story, 50,000 square foot building—being touted as the greenest in the world—is designed to be completely self-sustaining in energy and water. It’s also free from toxic materials like PVC, cadmium, lead, mercury, and formaldehyde. It’s hoped that the 30 million dollar Bullitt Center, which …

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Art, Design Educational Needs Pushing STEM To STEAM


A push for better U.S. art and design education is changing STEM to STEAM. Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) have long been the Holy Grail of a U.S. drive for improved education, producing students who can compete globally. But a growing chorus says art and design must be in the mix. The STEAM movement has wide-ranging support from academia, …

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Succeeding with Software Adoption: The Devil is in the Details

Software Adoption

Following a learning and adoption continuum is a proven way to achieve business goals faster and with less disruption when deploying PLM software. But when it comes to successfully pulling off this model, the devil is in the details. Along with starting the adoption process at the beginning of an implementation program instead of just doing training at the end, …

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How Global Manufacturers Can Better Manage Technical Information

Technical Information_Global Challenges

Expanding operations around the world have opened vast new business arenas for many manufacturers. Each year, sales outside of their original domestic marketplaces may constitute ever-larger shares of these companies’ overall returns. Yet with globalized opportunities have come globalized challenges. And perhaps no one feels these challenges more sharply than the manufacturers’ technical information departments. It’s not uncommon for a …

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5 Ways to Effective Field Service Workforce Management

Service Lifecyle Management

Injecting efficiency in field service is usually seen as a means to cut back on service cost and to drive greater productivity from field workers. Yet most organizations haven’t yet understood the link between a more effective and efficient field service organization and improved customer satisfaction and profitability results. In recently published Aberdeen research, organizations with an 80 percent level …

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After Boston: How Our Personal Devices are Changing Forensics

Multiple People Injured After Explosions Near Finish Line at Boston Marathon

Alongside all of the other wrenching events associated with the Boston Marathon bombing is the indisputable reality that smartphone technology and social media have vastly changed the nature of forensics. And, with help from tech volunteers, the marathon tragedy is giving this field a huge leap forward. It wasn’t even an hour and a half after the blasts, while efforts …

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Keeping Pace with China’s Shifting Economy

Ten years ago the United States had it made in China, literally and figuratively. Back then, manufacturing in China cost 25 to 30 percent less than it did in the U.S. But times are changing. By 2015, outsourcing manufacturing to China will be just as costly as manufacturing in the U.S., that according to consulting firm AlixPartners. Wage inflation, exchange-rate …

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