Built-In Vacuum Trumps Everything at New York Auto Show

This week’s New York International Auto Show had all the usual suspects: fantastic electric and hybrid models, new software, even Jerry Seinfeld’s 1964 Porsche 911 made it onto the show floor.

But by far and away the most impressive, the most innovative, the most fantastic, was Honda’s 2014 Odyssey minivan, which, wait for it… comes with the world’s first ever in-car vacuum cleaner!

Anyone who’s attempted to suck up Cheerios from their car seats with a regular sized home vacuum will understand why Honda’s innovation is so exciting. I just wonder why car manufacturers didn’t think of this before.

The HondaVac—developed with the help of vacuum manufacturer Shop-Vac—looks just like a hand-held vacuum and tucks into the driver’s side cargo area wall. The HondaVac comes with a variety of nozzle attachments and can run for eight minutes off accessory power or continuously if your car engine is turned on.

In a sea of useless auto gadgets and software applications, well done Honda for coming up with something truly practical and much needed.

Photo courtesy of Honda

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