Live Webinar: Reducing Engineering Error and Design Disruptions- Exploring Calculation Software Tools

spring in Boston

Tomorrow is the first official day of Spring. I know a lot of people (at least in Massachusetts) are looking forward to warmer weather with no snow, the option of outdoor and rooftop dining in Boston, the opening of Fenway Park, and the increasingly present signs of the new season with budding flowers and chirping birds. There is one more thing to add to your list of things to look forward to in this new season.

Coming to you soon on April 23rd at 2pm EST, PTC and NASA Tech Briefs will be presenting a 60 minute live webcast on reducing engineering error and design disruptions by ensuring usage of the proper engineering calculations software.

NASA Tech Briefs PTC Mathcad Webcast

Chad Jackson, the President and Principal Analyst of Lifecycle Insights, and Anji Seberino, Senior PTC Mathcad Applications Engineer will both be discussing the different options engineers have for solving calculations and predicting performance. There will be discussion on the benefits and limitations of certain tools and improvements that have been made in recent years. Following this discussion there will be a live demonstration showcasing the practicality and broad application of using an engineering calculations software tool through the PTC Mathcad Prime 2.0 environment. Following this presentation, there will be an opportunity to ask questions to the presenters.

Performing and understanding calculations is a core responsibility of engineers across every discipline. These detailed calculations impact the beginning stages of design to determine if new concepts are feasible, at the middle stage of design to smooth out the finer details of products and to help with part assembly, and when designs are mature for verification and validation purposes. What better way to learn about the best tool that fits your needs than through this FREE webinar!

Learn best practices for complex engineering calculations from an industry analyst and learn how the right tools can save you time and reduce errors when performing calculations throughout the design process. Register now!

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