Design News: Don’t Risk Your Most Important Calculations to Spreadsheets

design news Mathcad Express

Brent Edmonds, Senior Director of PTC Mathcad highlights the importance of good engineering calculations software in a guest blog post on Design News. In this article, titled “Don’t Risk Your Most Important Calculations to Spreadsheets” Edmond writes,

“What exactly is engineering calculation software, and how does it reduce the risks associated with spreadsheet errors? Simply put, engineering calculation software speaks the language of the mathematical engineer. It’s purpose built for engineers and specifically geared for design and product development applications. Engineers build formulas based on calculus and differential equations, not cells. In engineering calculation software, formulas aren’t hidden away, but instead presented as if on a sheet of drawing paper. By putting the formulas front and center, the risk of error immediately starts to drop. In addition, the software is unit-aware — don’t try to mix your meters and inches — which essentially adds another safety check against design errors.”

He goes on to say,

“The bottom line is that engineering calculation software, with its inherent math language, unit awareness, integration with CAD applications, and standardization/reuse of calculations, eliminates spreadsheet risks and provides key benefits to both the organization and the individual engineer. The engineers who perform calculations more frequently and more accurately make better decisions. This translates into avoiding costly errors and winning with better designs.”

Read the full post here and try PTC Mathcad Express, a free for life engineering calculations tool.

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