PTC Mathcad Takes on the Demanding World of the Oil and Gas Industry

subsea engineering mathcad

Luke Devall is a graduate engineer who specializes in design at Neptune Subsea Engineering, a leading provider of engineered solutions to the oil and gas, and marine and renewable energy industries. The company designs components, structures, equipment and systems for the offshore oil and gas industry. PTC Mathcad has proven to be helpful for Luke and his company in the oil and gas industry in a number of ways. Devall shares,

All design needs to be justified which we do through classical calculation with Mathcad. I have recently used Mathcad for projects where I needed to calculate the environmental loading conditions on a subsea stack up that will be transported on a light well intervention vessel. Another notable use was calculating how much corrosive protection would be needed on a subsea Christmas tree. In a subsea environment equipment requires corrosive protection. One way this is done is using sacrificial anodes. These anodes will corrode instead of the structure. The calculations for how much cathodic protection needed on a structure are done using Mathcad.”

Examples of subsea corrosion

Examples of subsea corrosion

He goes on to state,

“I think the industry likes Mathcad because it allows your work to be so presentable. Your work can be passed around several companies for checking. It is important your work is clean and professional because it then represents your company well.

PTC Mathcad is a helpful calculations tool company-wide. Devall says,

All of my engineering co-workers use Mathcad which allows for a good flow of information. It is easy to pick up someone’s project because all of the calculations are defined and neatly laid out. It is easy to see where figures are coming from.”

Devall explains that PTC Mathcad is also helpful when presenting to clients saying,

Our calculations are presented in reports which then go on to our clients. The clients respond positively because it is easy for them to see all of the information. There is no need for them to contact us and ask to clarify our answers because they are all laid out in front of them. More importantly, if there is a last minute change needed from them, for example to increase the safe working load, we can do this in a couple of minutes and have a refreshed report back to them in no time at all. This is the genius that is Mathcad. It just makes life that much more easy!

So why use PTC Mathcad for your engineering calculations software? I think a more fitting question would be why not? Devall summarizes,

In short Mathcad makes my life easier which is why I use it. There is nothing that comes close to a comparison. My alternative would be to do all the calculations by hand and then format them into a word document. I shudder to think about how long that would take and chances are something would change which would require me to repeat the exercise. In the demanding world of the oil and gas industry we do not have time for tools that don’t help, hence the use of Mathcad.”

Stay tuned to read more about Luke Devall’s story and how PTC Mathcad is helpful in the oil and gas industry. To try PTC Mathcad for free, download PTC Mathcad Express here.

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