Engineer, Draftsman, Designer Gains Productivity with Free PTC Mathcad Express

F. N, Smith Corporation

At F.N. Smith Corporation, Rick Crawford describes his job as “an engineer, draftsman, designer, whatever I need to get the job done.” The job description sounds like a big responsibility especially considering the company’s emphasis on quality control, meeting industry standards, and the continued education and training to ensure both.

After seeing an advertisement in Machine Design Magazine for PTC Mathcad Express, Crawford decided to give it a try by downloading the software both at home and at work. He says, “I am a big supporter of free software and always try testing the math-related ones. I have been in the business for about 35 years now and have many projects at home as well as work. There is a real need for good documentation.”

A few weeks have passed since Crawford first started using PTC Mathcad Express. So far he says, “I like that Mathcad Express understands the units of measure.” He explains that PTC Mathcad makes it easier for him to remember what his original thoughts were behind the calculations of particular projects, saving him time from having to look back through notes. “I like having them written down on my notes for reference. It helps me know what I had in mind.”

In addition to saving him time, Crawford also says that he thinks PTC Mathcad will save other people in his company time from having to decipher his thought process behind a design and the calculations that go with it. He explains, “I like the idea of saving my notes and calculations for a job in the same folder with the drawings.  This way, I can give them the same name as the drawing and when someone looks there in the future, they will see it.  Hopefully this will save others time trying to figure out what I was thinking when I first designed something.”

Download PTC Mathcad Express, free engineering math software

So far, he has guessed right in thinking his coworkers would benefit from using PTC Mathcad. Crawford states they like working with the calculations software. He says some of his coworkers had used previous versions of PTC Mathcad in college and were aware of its capabilities. To get a better understanding for himself Crawford tells us, “I spent some time on the web with your tutorials and found Mathcad will do most of what I need for documenting the design thoughts and calculations that I go through while in the design phase of most projects.”

So what is the biggest benefit of PTC Mathcad Express? Crawford says “I can do things at home and at work bringing files back and forth without having to worry about losing anything or the fact that I don’t have the same program on my work and home computers. I can take work home over a weekend and not need to come into the shop. This saves me a ton of time (and gas!). The time I would have spent traveling can now be spent productively at home. Then, I can bring the files with me or email them to my work email and have the latest files without the extra work.”

Crawford says he is a big supporter of freeware software and it is clear that both he and his colleagues benefit from PTC Mathcad Express in a number of ways, whether it be from the automatic unit conversion, documentation, sharing, time saving, or budget. “At home I couldn’t afford a program like this if it weren’t for freeware. Now, I can use it in both places and share files back and forth, I like the idea as well as the practical use of this software. People can save time and money by having a free version at home that will understand files from work… and not lose anything”.

Download PTC Mathcad Express and try it for yourself!

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