Sharing Engineering Calculations- Another Great Reason to Download PTC Mathcad Express

Download PTC Mathcad Express for free

Although documents authored in PTC Mathcad can be saved and shared in a number of different formats, whether it be in .pdf or .xps, or printed in a nice clean report, some users have expressed the opinion that the software’s sharing capabilities aren’t quite as easy as some would hope. There are two main viewpoints on this matter:

  1. PTC Mathcad documents are too hard to share because not enough people have the software and it’s too time-consuming to convert files.
  2. Companies that don’t want to convert files and want to share them in their original format believe that the price of PTC Mathcad per seat is too high for just viewing a document.

If you have ever felt the same about either of the above points, you’re in luck. One of the great new features about PTC Mathcad Express is that it is totally and completely free. Forever. Many people are coming to realize that this means anyone on an engineering team, within different departments in an enterprise company, or just in a semester of math class can experience and use the industry standard engineering calculations software without it costing them anything. This concept quickly eliminates the issue of price and the issue of having to convert worksheets.

ptc mathcad express free software

PTC Mathcad Express gives the user the ability to view any Mathcad document in its original worksheet formatting without making anyone convert them. Have you found PTC Mathcad Express helpful for sharing engineering calculations? We’d love to hear about it in the comments section below!

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One thought on “Sharing Engineering Calculations- Another Great Reason to Download PTC Mathcad Express”

  1. Rob says:

    this is a great news. I assume when MathCad is used with Windchill, ProductView can view the mathcad file anyway.

    What you wrote about licence cost is true for many other products, like the possibility to view drawings in Windchill. The Print&View licence is far too expensive when some users of a company only want to view their own IP. Will this change too ?
    Best regards

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