Is Mathcad Right for Engineers?

chad jackson

Earlier this week, Chad Jackson of wrote a piece on PTC Mathcad called “Is Mathcad Right for Engineers?“. In this post Jackson looks at the history, background, and development of PTC Mathcad, the software’s capabilities, and his own summary and analysis. Here’s a snippet of the piece:

“All in all, I see Mathcad as a great fit for engineers performing calculations. The level of expertise, the use of mathematical symbols and the integration with CAD are all important in an engineer’s context. Could Mathcad be enhanced to integrate more closely with PDM relationships and PLM requirements? Sure. Could it be the spiritual successor of the old school engineering notebook? Absolutely. But as it stands now, it’s a very good tool for the job at hand.”

Read the full article here and let us know what you think of PTC Mathcad and our latest free version, PTC Mathcad Express.

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