Lenovo’s Horizon Table PC Wins Best of CES 2013

We’ve all enjoyed a game of Monopoly or air hockey at one time or another. But if you’re ready to graduate from plastic disks and crinkled old board games then Lenovo’s IdeaCentre Horizon may be your answer.

The Horizon—a computer-come-games console—won first place in the PC and tablet category at this year’s Consumer Electronic Show.

The Horizon 27-inch multi-touch screen—just 1.1 inches thick—can be used as a PC or dropped down flat to create a table for multi-user entertainment.

Horizon runs off Microsoft Windows 8, but Lenovo has created its own interface called Aura which opens up automatically when you drop the computer down flat. Aura lets you play air hockey, board games, and a variety of card and casino games, and comes with its own app store.

But the best thing about the Horizon is its hardware accessories.

With this table PC, you also get sliding air hockey paddles and joysticks which interact with the games. For board games, a “smart” die transmits the numbers you roll to the system via a Wi-Fi connection.

In the future, Lenovo hopes to fully integrate Horizon into our homes with a table design concept.

The idea is to build the PC into the middle of a coffee table (or the like) so it can be used as either a flat electronic entertainment system or a traditional PC. Motors will move the computer into the desired position, and, best of all, after you’ve finished with your game, you’ll be able to cover up the screen by closing the table over the top of the PC so it looks like a traditional piece of furniture.

The table is a few years out, but you’ll be able to buy the Horizon computer later this year for a starting price of $999.

Other winners at the CES include the Razer Edge gaming tablet, and Samsung’s giant floor-standing television.

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