Free-for-life Engineering Calculations Software: PTC Mathcad Express

Download PTC Mathcad Express Free

You can’t get a lot for free these days never mind professional software.  So we’re really excited to be able to give you PTC Mathcad Express free of charge. It is the free-for-life version of PTC Mathcad Prime 2.0, the latest greatest release of the most powerful technical calculations software on planet earth.

With your free license, you get the most popular capabilities of PTC Mathcad Prime 2.0 for solving, documenting, sharing and reusing vital engineering calculations.

  • Write and edit mathematical equations and formulas in a full WYSIWYG environment using standard, natural notation.
  • Present calculations and designs by integrating live math, text, plots and images in one comprehensive document.
  • Hide complex or detailed information in collapsible areas.
  • Calculate common engineering problems using over 200 mathematical functions and operators.
  • Rely on PTC Mathcad’s unit checking capability to avoid unit errors and ensure accuracy of results.
  • Visualize data and functions using X-Y plots.

If you download and choose the trial option, your first 30 days will include full PTC Mathcad Prime 2.0 capabilities:

  • Solving advanced engineering problems with over 400 functions in probability, statistics, data and analysis.
  • Programming allows you to group a set of calculation operations and return only the results you specify. When you assign a program to a function, you can call the program, use it, and plot its output.
  • Evaluate expressions and functions without the need to assign numerical values to variables. Keywords and modifiers control form and content of the displayed result, and integrate numeric and symbolic computation.
  • Integrate Excel functionality directly into worksheets easily with PTC Mathcad. With the Excel component, you can leverage tabular data presentation in your worksheet by using Excel’s calculation and formatting tools inside PTC Mathcad.
  • Visualize 3D data sets and functional models with polar, contour and surface plots. PTC Mathcad makes it easy to get a quick qualitative and quantitative understanding of your models and data.

When the 30-day trial period has ended, you automatically continue using PTC Mathcad Express for an unlimited time.

Have you already downloaded and used PTC Mathcad Express? I’d love to hear from you. And there just might be a “Mathcad” polo shirt in it for you!

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7 thoughts on “Free-for-life Engineering Calculations Software: PTC Mathcad Express”

  1. Jeffrey Sargent says:

    After installing Mathcad express antivirus stopped running when using microsoft security essentials. Antivirus could not be restarted. Any ideas on how to re-enable the antivirus?

    1. Thanks for the note, Jeffrey – sorry you’re having troubles. We’ll look into it. We have your email address from the blog comment submission, so we’ll reach out if we need to collect any further data.

  2. John Lawler says:

    I already had Mathcad 15, but installed this anyway. figuring it would be more up-to-date.
    Now I cannot figure out how to answer the licensing questions, without which it will not run. Now, I do not have a working Mathcad.

    1. Hi John – thanks for letting us know. I will have someone reach out to you directly to get more information on the issue you describe.


  3. Daniel Howell says:

    I have looked through the express version and it works well. The only downfall is that the programming option will be eliminated after the trial period. It is near to impossible to do engineering calculations without a simple comparison tool. Imagine trying to complete an excel file without the if/then operator. It would be a useless program. I am contemplating how to use the express version after the trial period without this option and it seems fairly impossible. Otherwise it would be a great tool to use.

  4. Yuriy Morayko says:

    Excellent offering. For me Express version is almost fulfilling all my needs. The only future I am currently missing is “explicit” functionality. I don’t need all “bells and whistles” of 1K+ version. Would like to see some sort of “light” version with some programming etc. included for ~200. Glad to finally stay away from Excel.

  5. Artur Kholyavko says:

    I’m getting it right now! Will be happy to get a shirt

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