Design News: PTC Quietly Releases Free Mathcad Version

design news Mathcad Express

Beth Stackpole, Contributing Editor of Design Hardware & Software at Design News recently wrote a blog post commenting on the release of PTC Mathcad Express, PTC Mathcad’s latest version of free software. In her article, “PTC Quietly Releases Free Mathcad Version“, she articulates:

“There are benefits to leveraging the free version in the context of real-world engineering workflows. Since Mathcad Express lets users both create new Mathcad Prime documents and edit existing ones, the free tool could support markup and review capabilities without requiring team members to purchase full-blown licenses of Mathcad Prime.

For those who can get away with the stripped-down version, here’s an interesting thing about Mathcad Express: After the 30-day trial, users can keep the scaled-down version for free for perpetuity. That means, if you like it, and the functionality fits, it’s free for the rest of your engineering career.

Not bad for a time when engineering software can cost thousands, putting it out of reach for many folks whose companies won’t bankroll any software that isn’t absolutely part of the corporate design tool portfolio.”

Read the full article here and try PTC Mathcad Express today.

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