Heroes of the Month!

PTC Community members Mathcad

Were you aware that PTC has a vibrant community site called PTC Community? Recently, PTC Community has begun to recognize members who show an active commitment and enthusiasm for showcasing the work they create using PTC products, networking with other product development professionals and inspiring others with their successes and talent.

These members are called Heroes of the Month! The Community states, “A Hero of the Month is a PTC Community member who demonstrates knowledge and expertise in PTC products and shares that knowledge to help improve the community.”

We were excited to see that several of the heroes already are PTC Mathcad users!

  1. Roger Mansfield, Owner and Principal Engineer at Astronomical Data Service
  2. Mike Armstrong, Design Engineer for Land and Marine
  3. Dixie Griffin, Professor of Engineering at Louisiana Tech University (Also a star in one of our blog interviews here)
  4. Harvey Hensely, Independent Consultant: Chemical Process Devlopment & Fluid Flow
  5. Alan Stevens, formerly worked in the Submarines division of Rolls-Royce, now retired/ a Mathcad consultant and freelance writer
  6. Wayne Reid, Structural Engineer
  7. Valery Ochkov, Professor at Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Technical University)

Be sure to click on each of their names and read why they are PTC Community Heroes of the Month and why they are PTC Mathcad Superstars.

ptc community and mathcad superstars

Do you consider yourself to be a PTC Mathcad and Community superstar?

Every month, the PTC Community Team will select one “Hero” who has shown an active participation within the community.  Asking questions, answering questions, collaborating, sharing videos and images, demonstrating best practices are all characteristics of a Hero of the Month.  Each Hero of the Month has shown a commitment to improving the community through positive contributions and participation.

If you haven’t already, sign up to be a part of PTC Community here.

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